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UAE- Hidden gems in a comic stack at Sharjah Book Fair

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) The comic-book obsession is apparent at the Expo Centre with chock-a-block superhero performances, cartoon character workshops and a mix of manga-anime-sci-fi souvenir stalls. Less spoken about are the rare comics making an appearance at the fair this year. Kou Sam Chiu, an exhibitor at the Comicave stall, guides us through the most sought-after titles. He tells us why these comics have the edge over the others.

Secret Wars

The Marvel Universe is pitted against the Ultimate Universe in this one. Beneath the drama, various characters make it clear that the battle between worlds accomplishes nothing. Why is it special? The edition has only 3,000 pieces up for grabs the world over.

Uncanny X-men

The flagship X-Men comic for over 40 years, delivers action, suspense, and a hint of science fiction with the adventures of Professor Charles Xavier's team.

Why is it special? Ranking as one of the six variant editions - this cover is a grab for collectors.


Enjoy this cover where a younger version of your favourite Avengers - Hulk, Spiderman etc who almost look unrecognisable in their new avatar. Why is it special? Exclusively launched at Pop-Con, Dubai in 2015, it's a valuable cover to have.

Days of Future Past - Uncanny X-men

Just like in the movie, the X-Men travel back in time to save the world from a grim future. Meet your favourite team of mutants in a Lego design. Why is it special? This mini-make exclusively launched at San Diego Comic-Con. In a few years' time collectors predict its value will spike up.

X-men Inferno

This trade paperback includes a series of stories revolving around the iconic X-men force. This comic is the only story arc that makes a mention the character, Dark Phoenix.

Why is it special? Since it's a classic there's more reading material. Speech bubbles run into five to eight lines.


UAE- Hidden gems in a comic stack at Sharjah Book Fair

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