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MENAFN.COM Terms & Conditions

This web site is owned and operated by Middle East North Africa Financial Network Inc., its affiliates, agents and licensors (collectively "MENAFN"). Before you commence using this site (the "Site") you must agree, without exception, to the terms and conditions (the "Terms") set out below. You must be at least 18 years of age to use the Site. If you are not at least 18 years old, please do not access or use the Site.

Please note that the Terms may be updated at any time and that you will be bound by all subsequent revisions. An up-to-date version will always be available for your review and you are required to do so periodically. However, as MENAFN may offer various other services, these may be governed by different Terms, e.g. if you hold an account with MENAFN, your relationship will be governed by other agreements such as your account agreement. By using the services provided on the Site, you acknowledge that you have reviewed all corresponding rules and agree to be bound by them. You expressly agree that your use of all services is solely at your own risk. 

1.   Grant of license

You are granted a license to access and use the Site on the condition that you continue to comply with the above-mentioned Terms. This license is a non-exclusive limited personal license and it may not be transferred or shared. 

2.  Accessing the Sites

In accessing our Sites, MENAFN is not responsible for and does not warrant the speed, access or availability of the Internet in general and the Site in particular.

By accessing the Site presented to you, you agree that you will not use any software, program, application, manual processes or routine:

  1. a- To access or log on to MENAFN's computer systems, web site or proprietary software; or
  2. b- To automate the process of obtaining, downloading, transferring or transmitting any content information or quotes to or from MENAFN's computer systems, web site or proprietary software; or
  3. c- To monitor or copy the web pages or the content contained herein without prior written permission; or iv) To interfere or attempt to interfere with the working of the Site or any transaction conducted therein; or 
  4. d- To take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure; or 
  5. e- To reverse engineer, reverse assemble or otherwise attempt to discover any source code; or 
  6. f- To copy, reproduce, alter, modify, edit, create derivative works, or publicly display any content from the Sites without our prior written permission, or that of the appropriate third party that has given us the license. 
3.  Manner of use - No investment advice or recommendations

Merits and risks associated in the perusal of the contents of our Site are for you to evaluate. Even though the Site includes information about securities and investments, nothing is or ought to be construed as professional advice, investment advice, recommendation or endorsement from MENAFN. MENAFN is a financial portal and is not registered as a securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser either with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission or with any other securities regulatory authority. Therefore, any action you choose to take by buying or selling based on information presented to you on this Site is your sole responsibility and you agree that you will not hold MENAFN liable for any consequential damage or loss. 

4.  Financial Market Information; No warranty

MENAFN does not guarantee, warrant or certify the accuracy, completeness, conclusiveness, timelessness or correct sequencing of the financial information including but not limited to financial market data, quotes, news, research and opinions ("Information") obtained via information providers such as financial market information services, financial publishers, various securities markets including their stock exchange and their affiliates, investment bankers and all other providers ("Providers") that is made available on the Sites.

You agree that neither MENAFN nor any of the Information Providers nor any third party transmitting the Information is liable in any way:

  • i- For the Information provided or any decisions you make based on the Information or any actions you take relying upon the Information; or 
  • ii- For the interruption of any data, Information or other aspect of the Site.

None of the Information provided on the Sites constitutes a recommendation or advise regarding the purchase or sale of any security.

  1. Analyst researches and reports ("Research Reports") may be made available on the Site that may have been prepared by MENAFN directly or contracted third parties. The provision of Research Reports presented by third parties is not to be considered as endorsed or approved by MENAFN, their availability is for your convenience. The Research Reports have been prepared on the date indicated and may become unreliable for various reasons including change in the data, market or economic circumstance. MENAFN and third parties do not:
  1. i- Guarantee, warrant or certify the accuracy, completeness, conclusiveness, timelessness or correct sequencing of the Research Reports; or 
  2. ii- Bear any liability on the ensuing use of the Research Reports; or 
  3. iii- Sustain any responsibility to update any information or opinions contained in the Research Reports or to continue to offer any Information or Research Reports regarding any company or security.

Nothing contained in the Research Reports is to constitute recommendations or advice to buy, sell or hold particular securities.

It is possible that at times neither MENAFN nor any third party will be able to provide Research Reports or Information regarding certain companies with which they have a business relationship.

From time to time, sweepstakes, contests and games might be accessible through the Site and each will be governed by specific rules. By entering such sweepstakes, contests or participating in any such game you will become subject to those specific rules.

5. Use of Forums and Chat rooms

Chat rooms ("Chats") and forums ("Forums") available on this Site are intended to serve as a discussion center for subscribers. Any information discussed in Chats and Forums via our Site may be provided by our staff, independent contributors or members subscribed herein. Consequently you agree not to hold MENAFN liable for any advice, statements or opinions given that may be inaccurate, misleading or deceptive, whether intentional or unintentional. Opinions expressed in Chats and Forums are the opinions of the participants and are not intended to reflect MENAFN's conception. MENAFN reserves the right to monitor all postings and discussions via Chats and Forums, but is under no obligation to do so, and can alter or remove any material therein and to disclose such material and the circumstances surrounding their transmission to any third party for the purpose of managing the Site as they deem appropriate, to comply with legal obligations or governmental request and to protect themselves, their sponsors, members and visitors. Merits and risks associated in the perusal of the contents of the Forums and Chats are for you to evaluate. You may use this content solely at your own risk.

You understand that using the Forums for an illegal purpose or to transmit content that may be considered illegal or harmful to others may result in removal of your postings and/or termination of your membership in at the sole discretion of MENAFN. If you become aware of postings on the Forums that violate these Terms, you hereby agree to contact MENAFN by sending an email to moderator@mymenafn.com. The following is a list of categories of postings or actions that could result in the removal of your portfolio, postings and/or termination of your membership. Please note that MENAFN is not limited to the categories in this list.
  1. a- The unauthorized posting of material, non-public information about companies.
  2. b- The posting of copyrighted or trademarked content as well as content that you are prohibited from transmitting by means of non-disclosure agreements or contracts.
  3. c- Content that is of explicit language or of a sexual nature.
  4. d- Content that may be viewed as being of a threatening, harassing, or offensive nature in regards to any other individual or entity, particularly any member of The Game and any entity discussed on the site.
  5. e- Posting any material in an attempt to mislead others.
  6. f- Attempting to manipulate the market for any stock.
  7. g- The impersonation of or false affiliation with any person or entity.
  8. h- Unsolicited advertising or any forms of solicitation.
  9. i- Posting statements that may be constituted as offers to buy or sell any security.
  10. j- Making "off-topic" statements for a designated forum.
  11. k- Attempting to encourage users to become affiliated or to do business with competitors of MENAFN.
  12. l- Posting content that violates any applicable local, international or foreign law.

6. Submissions and Postings

Any data in the form of questions, comments, suggestions, communications, emails, materials posted or transmitted via the Site of a general nature that does not contain account specific or other financial information about the customer is not going to be treated as confidential or proprietary information. All MENAFN reserves the right to: 

  1. a- Reproduce, disclose, transmit, publish, broadcast this data as it deems necessary; and 
  2. b- To freely use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such data sent to MENAFN. 

7.  Hyperlinks

Links that MENAFN presents for your convenience, as part of the Site, are not under its control hence, MENAFN makes no representations whatsoever concerning the content of those sites. The provision of links on the Site is not an endorsement, authorization, sponsorship, or affiliation with respect to such site, its owners or providers. MENAFN cautions you to be aware of the risks of retrieving, using, relying upon any information, software found on the Internet or purchasing anything through such medium. 

8.  Disclaimer of Warranties

MENAFN reserves the right to make any changes or corrections to information provided on the Site at any time without notice in an attempt to provide accurate and timely information throughout the Site since there may be inadvertently technical or factual inaccuracies and typographical errors. Nevertheless, there is no commitment or guarantee made by MENAFN to maintain the Site in an updated status. MENAFN does not:

  1. a- Warrant the accuracy, completeness, conclusiveness or timelessness of the information, text, graphics, links or any other items contained on the Site; 
  2. b- Provide any guarantees against the possibility of deletion, mis-delivery or failure to store communications, personalized settings, or other data; 
  3. c- Bear any liability for errors or omissions in, or the misuse or misinterpretation of, any information contained in the Site.


9.  Limitation of Liability and Indemnification

MENAFN and its affiliates, agents, employees and licensors are free from any harm, claim or demand, including attorney's fees, made by any third party arising from your use of the Site or your violation of these Terms against you and you agree to indemnify them collectively in respect of any such claim.

Under no circumstances, including but not limited to a negligent act, will MENAFN or its affiliates or agents be liable for any damages of any kind that result from the use of, or the inability to use, any portion of the Site, even if a MENAFN authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages. 

10.  Restrictions of Use

No materials from the Site or any other site owned, operated, licensed or controlled by MENAFN may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way except when and as authorized by MENAFN. Material may be downloaded from the Site solely for personal or non-commercial purposes and in such an event you agree to retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained in such material. The content of the Site, including any text, images, audio or video, is not to be distributed, modified, transmitted or posted for public or commercial purposes unless written permission is sought and attained from MENAFN. 

11.  Trademarks and copyrights

The Site and its contents including trademarks, services marks, trade names, logos and icons, are owned by and are proprietary to MENAFN or its affiliates or agents. The contents of the Site are protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. There is nothing in the Site that grants, by implication, estoppel or otherwise any license or right to use any trademark displayed on the Site without the written permission of MENAFN or such third party that may own the trademark in question. The use of trademarks displayed on the Site or any other content except as provided herein, is strictly prohibited. Unless specifically permitted under these Terms the use of images displayed on this Site is prohibited. Such images are either the property of or used with permission by MENAFN and any unauthorized use of them may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, or other regulations and statutes.

12.  Modifications to the Sites

MENAFN has the right to modify or discontinue, either on a temporary or permanent basis, all or any part of the Site with or without notice as it deems necessary and you agree that MENAFN will not be liable if it proceeds with such course of action. 

13.  Term and Termination

You agree that the license granted here by reason of these Terms will be terminated in the event that you fail to comply or violate any term or condition. You agree that upon MENAFN's discretion whether it is with or without notice:

  1. a- Your access to any or all of the Site may be terminated; 
  2. b- Information within the Site may be removed or discarded; and 
  3. c- MENAFN may discontinue providing the Site.

In the event that your access to the Site is terminated you agree not to hold MENAFN liable for any consequential claim. 

14.  Governing Law

These Terms are to be governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of New York notwithstanding any principles of conflict of law of your actual state or country of residence. Unless a dispute would be governed by an applicable arbitration clause, you agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the State of New York. If any part of these Terms is unlawful, void or unenforceable, that part will be deemed severable and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

15. Special Admonition for Services Relating to the MENAFN Investment Game ("Game"):
  1. a- Information & Advertisements posted by third parties
    Any data published on the Game is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Use of this information in violation of local or international laws is prohibited. MENAFN makes every effort to screen its advertisers and sponsors (collectively "Advertisers"), however MENAFN does not endorse or recommend the services of any advertiser.
  2. b- Disputes Between Users
    You hereby release MENAFN, in the event you become involved in a dispute with another user relating to or arising out of your use of The Game, from any and all claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected.
  3. c- Name and Likeness Release
    Each contestant must submit the following name and likeness release. By submitting this application, I hereby consent to the recording, use and reuse by MENAFN, the Game sponsors and any of their respective licensees, assigns, parents, subsidiaries, divisions, business units, or affiliated entities and each of their respective employees, agents, officers and directors (collectively "Releasees") of my voice, actions, likeness, name, appearance and biographical material (collectively "Likeness") in any and all .

If you require clarification on any of the above-mentioned matters please contact us at either ++ 1 212 965 2460 or ++962 6 5690450 or email us at Click here