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MENAFN Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in learning about the advertising and sponsorship opportunities available on MENAFN.

Whether you want to book advertising space or get in touch with one of our salespeople, you'll find all the information you need in this media kit.

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MENAFN is the ideal venue for your advertising campaign, offering maximum exposure and direct contact with your target market. Being an online financial network, specializing in the specific needs of investors, business people and decision makers, MENAFN offers you the unique opportunity of reaching this market. MENAFN believes that our large number of "sticky" and value-added products and services, will ensure longer viewing time which in turn will maximize the effect of your advertising campaign.

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Our Users

In a recent research conducted by Prudential Securities, it was found that e-finance companies are becoming the anchor or central destination site of internet consumers (Prudential Volpe Technology Group, E-Financial Services, Industry Report). MENAFN, being a financial network, is one of the most demographically targeted online communities on the internet.

Therefore, MENAFN guarantees that your advertisement will be seen by a very specific and targeted audience.

Our target market consists of: 

  • Young 
  • Affluent 
  • Highly educated 
  • Connected (internet/wireless) 
  • Predominantly male 
  • Self-directed investors, business people, key executives and decision makers 
  • Located in the Middle East & North Africa

As such, Our portal is the ideal advertising channel if your organization is targeting:

  • Self-Directed investors and/or business people who have a relatively large disposable income and as such have a larger propensity to consume.
  • Key Executives and/or decision makers in leading organizations who by virtue of their positions can recommend the purchase of particular products and / or services.
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MENAFN Advertising Opportunities

MENAFN re-defines the financial services industry by offering consumers choice, value, reliability and confidentiality, local knowledge and global reach. We are offering you the opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience of young, affluent, highly educated, self-directed individuals in the Middle East and North Africa region. From banner advertisements to sponsorship opportunities, we can help you meet your marketing objectives.

Banner Advertising

At MENAFN, we use only the latest advertising technology to ensure that we provide you with advertising opportunities that deliver greater visibility.


Type of Advertising Minimum impressions
Standard Banner (468x60)
  • Run of site
  • Targeted Banners



Banner (120x60)
  • Run of site
  • Targeted Banners


Buttons (88x31)
  • Run of site
  • Targeted Banners



Sponsorship Opportunities

For heightened exposure, we are happy to offer the following sponsorship opportunities:

  • Targeted Pages (Button & text message of 70 characters per month)
  • Keyword Sponsorship (Sponsor gets the 1st page of the result & corporate logo banner on all the pages of the search)


MENAFN Support

We are pleased to provide you with the service of banner design, translation, copyrighting, and creative options for your advertisement for the fee of USD 250.


  • Run of Site - The banners will run on all sections of MENAFN. They will be located on either the top, bottom, or side of the page.
  • Targeted Banners/Targeted Demographics - Banners will be rotated on specific sections or categories of the site, based on your particular choice of topic or target audience. Targeted banners that have * next to them will also include targeted keyword and search engine results.
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Banner Specifications

Standard Banner:

  • Size: 468 x 60 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 12 k
  • Animated: 3 loops maximum

Small Banner:

  • Size: 120 x 60 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 8 k
  • Animated: 3 loops maximum


  • Size: 88 x 31 pixels
  • Maximum file size: 3 k
  • Not Animated: 0 loops

  • All banners and buttons can be hyperlinked to the URL or e-mail address of your choice
  • Supported formats: Animated GIF, JPEG
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Delivery of Material

Choose from the more convenient of the two following delivery options:

  1. E-mail your advertising material to our email advert on domain.
  2. Send advertising material on a disk, zip drive, or Mac to the following address:

        MENAFN POBox 940192
        Amman, 11194 Jordan
        Tel.: (962) 6 569-0450/4
        Fax: (962) 6 566-6680

Submitting your Banners

  • * Please note that we reserve the right to reject banners that do not meet our level of quality or content for specific sites you wish to promote.
  • * We reserve the right to reject any advertising designs that do not meet the quality and standards of MENAFN or do not meet the purpose of MENAFN.
  • * All advertising orders should be received 5 working days prior to flight date.
  • * Designs should be received 3-5 working days prior to flight date.
  • * Should you commission MENAFN to design your advertisement, you can expect to receive the designs within 3-5 working days. Client's approval should be received 3-5 days from the flight date.

Payment Terms

  • * Payments must be made in U.S. Dollars or Jordanian Dinars
  • * Payment must be made in advance or upon signing contract


MENAFN is pleased to announce that discounts will be offered to advertisers who spend over 100,000 impressions per month.

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Media Kit Inquiry Form

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Tracking Reports

MENAFN not only provides you with the unique opportunity of reaching an affluent market in the Middle East and North Africa region, but more importantly we provide you with monthly traffic reports that allow you to check your banner statistics.

The traffic reports are at your fingertips. We will provide you with a URL, a user name and a password so that you can check the status of your advertising campaign on MENAFN at any time.

For any information regarding your traffic reports, email us at advert on domain

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Contact us:

On the domain:
For advertising rate card, please email us on: Click here

For information about our traffic tracking service, please email us on: Click here

For any other enquiries about advertising on MENAFN, please email us on: Click here

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