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Israel tries to normalise talk of Palestine annexation

(MENAFN - Emirates News Agency (WAM))

ABU DHABI, 15th September 2017 (WAM) - The so-called 'Decision Plan' seeks to usurp Palestinian rights and choke a two-state solution, said the English language daily 'Gulf News' in a commentary today.

In 1967, the Israeli regime had illegally occupied the West Bank and Jerusalem and Gaza in a move never recognised by the international community. Fifty years later, the West Bank is peppered with expanding illegal Jewish colonies, with a draconian separation barrier suffocating the territory, practically making it an open-air prison.

Although Israel withdrew from occupying Gaza its Palestinian residents live in even more dire condition than their West Bank brethren, because of a crippling Israeli-imposed blockade that has stifled economic growth and suppressed people's aspirations. All this did not happen by accident. The Israeli regime has always had a master plan to eventually take over all of 'Judea and Samaria' a Biblical term used by Jews to describe Occupied Territories. Every step of the way in the past 50 years, Israel has implemented tactical and purposeful policies aimed at changing the facts on the ground in order to erase Palestinian and Muslim heritage from 'Judea and Samaria'. All the while, Israeli and American leaders have put out rhetoric supporting a two-state solution until United States President Donald Trump was elected. He is the first sitting US president to say that he isn't particularly committed to a two-state solution, prompting a firestorm of outrage and criticism from across the spectrum.

Trump, widely considered to be the most pro-Israeli US president to date, has emboldened Israeli politicians who had to toe the line of supporting a two-state solution, to finally say what they really intend. This week, the National Union faction, which is represented by the Habayit Hayehudi party in the Israeli Knesset, approved a detailed plan for annexation of Occupied Territories.

What was alarming was that the meeting was attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, lending it an air of legitimacy.

The so-called "Decision Plan" would either force Palestinians to emigrate to a neighbouring Arab country or allow them to remain in "Israel", but without voting rights. Habayit Hayehudi member Bezalel Smotrich said the plan aims to present an alternative to dividing land between Israelis and Palestinians. "Our vision is not new. These are the foundations on which Zionism was erected. We do not assume that there are two narratives that are equal," he said.

It is important not to allow such ludicrous talk to become mainstream. The United Nations should continue to stand up to Israel over its violation of international law and UN resolutions.

WAM/Hassan Bashir


Israel tries to normalise talk of Palestine annexation


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