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Need to prosecute Syria war criminals stressed

(MENAFN - Gulf Times) Qatari newspapers underlined the State of Qatar's call to the international community to bring war criminals in Syria to international justice after an independent UN investigation proved that the Syrian regime used Sarin gas in the Khan Sheikhoun massacre last April.
In their editorials yesterday, the newspapers pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed in a statement yesterday that leaving war criminals in Syria unpunished for their crimes will contribute to increasing violence and violations against the Syrian people.
The statement, the papers said, also stressed the importance of reaching a political resolution to the Syria crisis based on Geneva 1 and on related UN Security Council resolutions in order to meet the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people.
Qatari daily Al-Sharq said that Qatar's renewed call to the international community to bring war criminals in Syria to justice was a confirmation of its firm position in supporting the aspirations and freedom of the Syrian people and bringing those implicated in crimes against humanity to justice.
The newspaper pointed out that those who follow up the Syrian file for six years, will find that the State of Qatar did not stop efforts to bring perpetrators of war crimes to international justice, especially after the adoption of the international neutral mechanism in the investigation and prosecution of the most serious crimes in Syria.
The paper added that Qatar has been keen to support this mechanism beside international efforts to put an end to serious violations and to alleviate and protect the civilians in Syria.
In conclusion, Al-Sharq said that Qatar's keenness to stand firm against the flagrant violations by the Syrian regime comes amidst the continued failure of the international community to find a final solution to the Syrian crisis, stressing that after Assad's war crimes, an international intervention through international trials and the implementation of the principle of 'the responsibility to protect was important.
For its part, Al-Watan newspaper said that the State of Qatar has always supported the rights of people.
The newspaper noted the State of Qatar's approach towards vulnerable people and its rejection of injustice and tyrann.
The State of Qatar, the paper said, has made integrated efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis while always remaining focused on prosecuting anyone who has committed a crime against the Syrian people.
The Qatari daily pointed out that Qatar stood courageously, at all regional and international forums, supporting the Syrian people and calling for efforts to protect them from the oppression of the regime which has chosen since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in February 2011 to meet the demands of the revolution by repression.
The paper added that the Syrian regime committed a series of crimes against humanity and war crimes, despite the appeals of humanitarian and rights organisations to stop injustice. The unprecedented massacres have claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.
Under the titled ‘No to Assad's Impunity', Al-Raya newspaper confirmed that war criminals in Syria must be tried so that they don't escape punishment, noting that this was confirmed by the State of Qatar which has not stopped demanding the prosecution of war criminals.
The newspaper pointed out that the criminal regime in Damascus was not only responsible for the massacre of Khan Sheikuon, but it also responsible for 27 chemical attacks out of 33 as the UN Independent Commission confirmed.
The paper added that Commission said that government forces continued to use chemical weapons against civilians in opposition-held areas.
In the most serious attack, Syrian air forces used Sarin gas in Khan Sheikuon in Idlib, killing dozens, mostly women and children, Al-Raya said, adding that what is worse is that the international community stayed silent.


Need to prosecute Syria war criminals stressed


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