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ProfNet Experts Available on Opioid Crisis, Caribbean Travel, More

(MENAFN Editorial) NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.

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  • Pain Management and the Opioid Crisis
  • Many Countries Lagging on Implementation of Support for Tobacco Cessation
  • Caribbean Travel – The Island of Tobago
  • A Renegade Guide to Motherhood

  • Reporter – Citywire USA (NY)
  • U.S. Correspondent, Tech – South China Morning Post (NY/CA)
  • Reporter – SparkSpread (NY/TX/London)

  • Don't Risk Your Day Job: 7 Tips to Make Your Side Hustle Work for You
  • Blogger Events: Top Events to Attend in August
  • Blog Profiles: Aquarium Blogs
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    Pain Management and the Opioid Crisis
    Shaun Corbett, M.D.
    Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services and The Rosomoff Rehabilitation Center
    Miami Jewish Health
    September is Pain Awareness Month, and Dr. Corbett is available to discuss pain management and the opioid crisis: "Chronic pain can be debilitating, and so can the medications commonly used to treat it. Long-term studies have shown us that the risks of opiate therapy in treating chronic pain are great, with little to no benefit substantiating their use. There is no quick fix for chronic pain, but there is medical evidence that supports physical therapy, occupational therapy, Tai-chi, acupuncture, psychology and exercise in treating chronic pain with little risk of adverse side effects. With discipline and consistency, long-term relief is attainable."
    The Rosomoff Rehabilitation Center has a 40-year reputation among physicians across the nation as the last resort to send their patients when no other options are available to treating their pain.
    Contact: Melissa Lichtenheld,

    Many Countries Lagging on Implementation of Support for Tobacco Cessation
    Martin Raw
    International Centre for Tobacco Cessation
    Article 14 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control recommends provision of evidence-based support for tobacco cessation, but many countries are lagging in implementation – leading to gaps in helping patients quit tobacco. Raw was the lead author on an editorial, endorsed by more than 70 global leaders in tobacco cessation, that sets out actions countries can take to support tobacco dependence treatment, focusing on low-cost, broad-reach interventions. Says Raw: "Effective tobacco cessation support will help us reach the goal of reducing premature mortality from noncommunicable diseases, but countries worldwide are not adequately implementing treatment support. It's time to improve the support offered to tobacco users who want to stop."
    Contact: Breanne Van Nostrand,

    Caribbean Travel – The Island of Tobago
    Nalini Galbaransingh
    Executive Director of Le Grand and Grafton
    Le Grand Courlan and Grafton Beach Resort
    "The Caribbean is a popular travel destination, so stay informed before you book your trip. Learn about some general Caribbean travel tips, as well as specifics to the island of Tobago. Voted by CNN as one the most underlooked islands in the world, Tobago is a great hidden gem."
    Galbaransingh is available to discuss Caribbean travel and the island of Tobago, including what travelers can expect when traveling to Tobago; island events and happenings; safety while traveling in the Caribbean; must-do and must-avoid adventures (e.g., scuba, waterfalls, rainforest excursions), the history of Tobago cuisine, drinks and culture; and more.
    Contact: Kevin Derkash,

    A Renegade Guide to Motherhood
    Ivette Garcia Davila
    Podcast Host, Writer, Filmmaker
    I'm The One Pushing
    Motherhood is hard. So, with people offering unsolicited advice and "mansplaining" things at every turn, wouldn't it be nice if there was a manual for how to do it all without losing yourself? Davila, born and raised in Puerto Rico and now Los Angeles-based, is a former runaway-teen-turned-responsible-mom who likes to "color outside the lines" with other "renegade" moms. From "Meet the Fockers"-style family dynamics with a Latino twist, Davila's experiences as a mom, and her heavily researched information, she offers resources that moms from all walks of life will love. Says Davila: "When we first learn we're going to be moms, choices can be overwhelming -- from what kind of birth to have, down to which lightweight stroller contains the most amount of stuff. To make matters worse, all those decisions may elicit uncalled-for judgment over how you bring baby into the world, whether you breastfeed, co-sleep, or let your baby cry it out. Everything, really. We don't condone any of that. This is a safe place for all moms. We believe motherhood is an adventure and that we get to forge our own."
    In addition to her popular podcast, "I'm the One Pushing," Davila also just published "I'm the One Pushing: A Practical and Renegade Guide to Choosing Your Own Motherhood Adventure," a must-read book filled with irreverent humor and unconventional wisdom, as well as great in-depth research.
    Contact: Penny Sansevieri,



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  • Reporter – Citywire USA (NY)
  • U.S. Correspondent, Tech – South China Morning Post (NY/CA)
  • Reporter – SparkSpread (NY/TX/London)
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    ProfNet Experts Available on Opioid Crisis, Caribbean Travel, More

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