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Sanctions not to affect Iran-North Korea relations - expert

(MENAFN - Trend News Agency ) Baku, Azerbaijan, Aug. 7

By Kamila Aliyeva – Trend:

Relationship between Iran and North Korea is not of a strategic character, but is based on "the moment's needs', therefore US sanctions will not affect this relationship, Dr. Ali Pishro, expert in American and Canadian studies at the University of Birmingham, has told Trend.

'Political Geography of Islamic Republic, which has a massive oil and gas reserves, will make Iran's international isolation difficult. Therefore, Iran does not need to make further efforts to bring it closer to North Korea,' he said.

The expert noted that since 1979, the United States has been sensitive to the relationship between Iran and North Korea and the sale of North Korea's weapons of mass destruction, as well as nuclear technology to Iran.

'One of the important indicators of Iran-North Korea's cooperation is the collaboration between the two countries on nuclear and missile technology. It was also confirmed that, they have renovated three modified Scud missiles. This certification reflects the cooperation of Pyongyang and Tehran in the development of ballistic missiles,' he said.

Pishro stressed out that, one of their common points is the similar hostile stance against the United States; however, insistence on demonstrating a strategic relationship between the two countries is meaningless.

'This cooperation cannot be called a strategic relationship, as these communications are based on the urgent needs of both countries,' he said.

Furthermore, Iran's society is more open and vibrant than North Korean, according to the expert.

'Iran has an educated middle class and Iranians want to join the international community. Iran and North Korea have geographical, cultural and historical differences, and their government structure is different,' he added.

Pishro underlined that Iran, in comparison with North Korea, is a much larger country with far more advanced economy and has wider relations with the world, which would requires much more work in order to isolate Iran.

'Iran, like Japan, Germany and Brazil, is pursuing a nuclear program that shows to all countries of the world that, despite the ability to build nuclear bombs, it will not do so, but, if a military attack takes place or it will face a serious threat, the county can build and test a bomb in the shortest possible time,' he said.

While Iran is a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, North Korea uses the pattern of 'nuclear warfare' to deter the military intervention from 'enemies' and answers every threat or embargo with a nuclear and missile test, according to the expert.

'A lot of efforts are being made by a number of hardliners in Iran and a number of other analysts to bring North Korea and Iran as part of a nuclear core. This is a good thing for a group of radicals in Iran, because, in order to cover their basic and root problems, they are seeking to spark Iran's nuclear threat and undermine the diplomatic approach towards Tehran,' he concluded.


Sanctions not to affect Iran-North Korea relations - expert


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