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UAE- RAK Police all set for Eid rush with more patrols, cameras, choppers

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) The RAK Police is fully geared up for the rush during the Eid Al Fitr holiday with more traffic and security patrols, chopper, and surveillance cameras, particularly at tourist sites, parks, markets, and residential areas.

Major General Ali Abdullah bin Alwan Al Nuaimi, Commander-in-Chief of the RAK Police, on Sunday said they shall deploy over 40 traffic patrols at all areas across the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah round the clock, particularly at night.

"Some of these patrols will station in front of the Eid Al Fitr Musallas, four official abattoirs, along with public parks, malls markets and residential areas in the emirate to ensure traffic flow, curb traffic accidents and congestion, and instantly respond to emergency cases."

Both internal roads and highways of the emirate will be monitored by advanced surveillance cameras round the clock, he added. "Some ambulances and rescue teams will also be available on call in collaboration with the National Ambulance department."

Noting, he said other security patrols and staff officers and individuals shall be deployed across the emirate to watch over the festivals and prevent any illegal practices, mainly fireworks.

"The RAK Police spares no effort to help the Emirati nationals and residents alike all the time," he stated, underlining that the Central Operations Room is all set to instantly respond to any emergency case round the clock during the holiday.

Maj-Gen Nuaimi urged parents to pay more attention to their children during the holiday and prevent them from playing with fireworks and dangerous toys that may pose their life at the stake.

"The Eid is for having fun not for racing, fighting, disturbing others, or playing with dangerous fireworks," he said. "Let''s enjoy the festivals and forget all about regrettable deeds."

Maj-Gen Nuaimi also warned beach goers to swim only at the designated areas and avoid areas with high currents.

"Young children should never be left unwatched while swimming in the sea, and all swimmers, be they adults or young, should always be wearing the due life jackets."

Four marine rescue patrols will be watching the beaches and coasts of the emirate, he noted. "Each and every marine patrol consists of professional rescuers, search and assistance experts, guards, and jet skis or water-powered bikes."

The Air Wing is also geared up, with four choppers, to immediately respond to emergency cases, Maj-Gen Nuaimi underlined. "Our well-trained rescuers are equipped with the latest search and rescue devices to handle any situation in a professional way."

Ahmed Shaaban Master''s degree in Mass Media with 19 year experience in media and translation
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UAE- RAK Police all set for Eid rush with more patrols, cameras, choppers

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