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Will nuke security summit help stop terrorists from getting the Bomb

(MENAFN - Asia Times) ISIS Internet propaganda threat against New York City

At the time of the Hague summit the Islamic State was one of many small extremist groups. Today though under military pressure the Islamic State governs swathes of Iraq and Syria recruits followers around the world demonstrates a desire and capability to strike far beyond its borders and states its ambition to launch major attacks on the United States.

As yet there is no public evidence of an Islamic State nuclear-weapons effort. But there are worrying indicators of potential IS nuclear intent. The Islamic State espouses an apocalyptic vision of a final war between itself and the 'crusader' forces. Authorities recently discovered that an Islamic State operative had been intensively monitoring a senior official of a Belgian facility that contains significant stocks of weapons-useable nuclear material. If the Islamic State ever does decide to pursue nuclear weapons it has more money more people control of more territory and more ability to recruit experts across the world than Al Qaeda at its strongest ever had. That makes it all the more crucial to ensure that the essential ingredients of a nuclear recipe are secure and accounted for. Read more

Will nuke security summit help stop terrorists from getting the Bomb


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