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Palestine is a state, definitely

(MENAFN - Alghad Newspaper) The Palestinian cause abroad is better than it is at home; while the political forces in the Palestinian arena are grappling to overcome their divisions and differences, the outside world began to look with appreciation to the struggle of the Palestinian people, and their right to end the occupation and build their own independent state.

Britain, who played the role of the midwife in the birth of the Zionist project on the land of Palestine, is seeking, after about 100 years of the infamous Balfour Declaration, to atone for its historical sin against the Palestinian people. The British House of Commons vote in favor of recognizing the state of Palestine, even though symbolic, embodies a historic moment in the march of the Palestinians for freedom and independence.

The world has not forgotten the just cause of Palestine and its people, amid the horrors of the region and the concerns of the war on terrorism. I'd go further to say that the horrors the region is witnessing awakened the conscience of many countries, which have begun to realize the objective correlation between extremism and injustice inflicted on the Palestinian people; it has been proven without a doubt that the absence of justice in Palestine gives birth to violence and extremism in the region.

In Europe in particular, many states began feeling uneasy about Israel being a state above the law; entitled to commit what it pleases of the crimes, claiming that the other terrorists undermine world peace. This logic is no longer palatable in the West; there is a growing feeling that the policies of Israel that goes against peace based on international legitimacy resolutions, is the nub of the problem in the region.

Sweden was the first country to launch the cry of rebellion against the old policy of the West, followed by Britain, and now France is paving the way for a similar move which recognizes the State of Palestine.

European support contract, which encircles the neck of Israel and give it the strength and safety it wanted, is gradually falling apart. Maybe before the second decade of the new millennium most Western countries would have recognized the state of Palestine.

The Palestinian state within a few years will become a reality, and stronger than the American veto at the Security Council. More than 130 countries in the world will deal with Palestine as a state that is under occupation. This is a historic development and a victory for the cause of the Palestinian people, one which neither Israel nor the US can ignore. Then, the Israeli occupation will have no choice but to leave.

It does not matter today that the British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the House of Commons vote will not change his government's policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is important that the representatives of the British people have voted overwhelmingly to recognize the state of Palestine.

Symbolic vote? This is true. But its real value is in the historical symbolism. The Palestinians today do not have a state and will before the departure of the occupation. But at the moment when the overwhelming majority of the peoples of the world recognize the State of Palestine, the occupation will no longer be of value; the Palestinian state would be a reality.

The Israelis are proud of saying that they did not need more than thirty years after the Balfour Declaration to establish their usurping state. The Palestinian people will be proud to break their record after the "declaration" of the British House of Commons; when the whole world announces their recognition of the State of Palestine soon.

Palestine is a state, definitely


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