Resignation dawn of a new Lebanon

(MENAFN- Arab Times) LEBANON hardly came out of the presidential vacuum crisis which was graced by Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries; for it to reenter the dungeons of division through the obstinacy of 'Hezbollah' and its persistence to cling onto its micro-state against the State.

'Hezbollah' has done this in a bid to make the current situation cement its power in dominating Lebanon and incorporating the latter into the Persian crescent which is tagged as 'Shia' suppression, despite the majority populace opposition as we saw how it prompted people to retreat from it when they resisted the group's stronghold in Dahieh, a predominantly Shia suburbs in South Beirut.

Despite these facts, there was a Lebanese and Arab stake on the settlement for Lebanon to regain its stability and exit from the axis of losing the Arab national security, or at least, distance it from the international game which Hezbollah dragged it into, whether by partaking in massacring Syrians and Iraqis, or dispatching its terrorist cells to several Gulf countries, especially Kuwait.

When the infamous 'Abdali Cell' issue was presented to Lebanon's President Michel Aoun, who considers himself the ultimate power to revive the country, during his trip to Kuwait; he avoided the issue in a twisted manner by belittling its risk and sensitivity.

This made him appear in the hands of the group which influences all Lebanese through the power of the weapon — the Shias before Sunnis, Christians and Druze, in addition to other social components.

The alarm sounded by Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri against the scheme being perpetrated by the group of terrorists has a resounding effect in terms of its substance. It is not a Sunni stance only, instead it is the alarm for every Lebanese.

This resounding alarm represents the continuous injustice the Shias have been going through since the end of civil war due to the group's weapon. Unfortunately, Aoun — the hope of Lebanon, thought Lebanon needed such a group and he even went on to incorporate it with the solution of the Middle East.

This means there is no end to organizing exit for the country. In fact, Aoun rendered Lebanon the everlasting captive of conflicts in the region.

It is understood that the one who considered himself the main defender of Christians in the Middle East is saying to his environment to master the language of grievances and injustice once the entire Lebanon starts to talk Persian by force, represented by the dweller of the burrows and his group in Dahieh.

Undoubtedly, after a year and several days on the revival of the constitutional institutions in Lebanon, Al-Hariri has had enough; especially for being blamed in the past years — whether by the Gulf and Arab countries or even Lebanon, for relinquishing a lot in favor of 'Hezb-kissing flip-flops' which is linked to Iran's axis of evil in the region.

However, the people of Lebanon are also being blamed for remaining silent over the practices of this group, particularly after the lines of young dead bodies increased for fighting in Syria and Iraq in the service of the Persian expansionism scheme.

Indeed, Prime Minister Hariri stopped every stake that hinted the possibility of remedying the situation in Lebanon after experiencing how 'Hezbollah' is striving to foil every attempt to bridge the gap.

The group persists in maintaining the status quo that continues to affect Lebanon's relations with Arab countries, let alone burdening its economy which has been exhausted with foreign debts of about $80 billion whose annual interest equates to its gross domestic product.

This resignation symbolizes the revolutionary in the face of armed oppression which is taking Lebanon into the abyss. Currently, no one in the region is able to rescue Lebanon and prevent Al-Hariri from contributing to the destruction of his country while the president continues to look away from the horrible reality.

Saad Al-Hariri has sounded the alarm loudly for the actual new dawn of Lebanon such that all of its social components — Sunnis, Shias, Christians and Druze — contribute in standing up to the one who turned their country into the backyard of Persian foxes and hyenas in the region.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah - Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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