BRISE, The First Air Purifier with Artificial Intelligence

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PLAYBRISE, The First Air Purifier with Artificial Intelligence €61,534pledged of€30,000goal126backers Prototype GalleryThese photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project's development.

What is a prototype? Production Prototype

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BRISEis not your ordinary air purifier, it is an intelligent home health guardian. The more it learns about you, the better it is at providing you a personalized clean air environment for your everyday activities.Start living the way you want, and the rest leave it to BRISE.

Whether it is for everyday home use…

…or special working environments, BRISE has you covered.

Plus, it blends perfectly well with your home decoration.


Everything you ever need in an air-purifier, and much more. With BRISE you can have it all.


How smart is BRISE?

Tell BRISE about your preference and room conditions, and with its advanced built-in sensors and computing algorithm, BRISE will clean your air at any circumstance with the optimal filtration efficiency.

The user-friendly BRISE App can collect information about your room type, room size, personal preferences, and once set, leave it to BRISE to provide you with the best air quality.


Our exclusive 6-layer air cleaning system can filter particles of all sizes safeguarding you and your family members from harm. In order to ensure the air released is as clean as possible, we utilize photocatalyst technology to destroy harmful bio organic compounds.

6-Layer Air Cleaning System

  • Carbon pre-filter: dander, fur/hair, dust filter
  • Anti-bacteria filter
  • HEPA filter: cleaning PM2.5 particles
  • VOC filter: absorbing harmful chemical vapors
  • TiO2+UV LED: inhibiting bacterial and molds
  • Ionic: maintaining fresh air

BRISE keeps your environment free from particulates, including allergens, germs, industrial pollutants (PM2.5), odors, and other chemicals (VOCs).


With its advanced and efficient DC motor, BRISE can deliver over 65 liters of clean air per second, which is twice the volume of the BRISE device itself. Talk about being an efficient workhorse.


The World Health Organization has listed indoor pollution as one of the most dangerous threats to our health. Indoor air quality is a serious concern because buildings and homes are becoming increasingly more sealed to reduce energy consumption. Recent studies have shown that indoor pollution is up to 5x higher than outdoor pollution.

Some of the common pollutants you find at home:

What are the Health Effects?

'Over 80% of all cities exceed WHO limits for safe air. Tiny, invisible particles of pollution penetrate deep into our lungs, bloodstream and bodies. These pollutants are responsible for about one-third of deaths from stroke, chronic respiratory disease, and lung cancer as well as one quarter of deaths from heart attack. - World Health Organization

If you suffer from the following, maybe you should reconsider the air quality that's around you:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Lung problems
  • Chronic headaches
  • Frequent dizziness

BRISE has four advanced built-in sensors to detect dust, VOCs, temperature, and humidity. It's A.I. system can connect to the internet via WiFi and reference external outdoor data to provide a comprehensive air quality analysis.

With the BRISE App, all the information is in the palm of your hand

Real-time statistical analysis of the indoor and outdoor air quality. Also can provide historical analysis to identify alarming trends.

Even when the BRISE is off, the air meter continues to monitor your environment.


Flexibility is essential, especially when our lifestyle needs also changes over time. Therefore, we apply the concept of distributive networking to BRISE, allowing multiple units to be grouped and configured as collaborating purifiers for bigger space and across multiple rooms. Example: In a kitchen and living room connected with a bigger open space, collaborating BRISE purifiers would detect faster and operate more efficiently and effectively.

The Benefits

Collaborative Advantage

Collaboration is Simple with the App

Two BRISE purifiers in different rooms can easily setup to collaborate, intelligently working in synchronization for mobile family members and safeguard from dynamic pollutants.


We understand the importance of filter management in efficiently using air purifiers. Therefore we have made the process not only easier, but also smarter. BRISE can dynamically calculate its filter's remaining lifetime based on actual usage and conditions such as filtration level and air quality (not the typical fixed lifetime countdown timer). This ensures consistent clean air and minimal filter replacement costs.

The BRISE App can tell you how used up the filter is and alert you when it's time to order a replacement.


With the customized App setting, you can configure the following:


BRISE A.I. Engine smartly adapts and adjusts its filtration efficiency to provide you and your family with the best air quality possible. At the same time, it optimizes for energy efficiency and filter costs.


Fine Suspended Particulates (PM2.5) test => elimination rate >99.9%

Formaldehyde Test => after 1 hour of use, any traces of formaldehyde is no longer detected (N.D.)

Total Bacteria Counts => elimination rate >99.9%

  • Appearance: clear and clean top indicator panel
  • Minimal physical and move-able buttons: longer lifetime ownership
  • Compact design: backpack size, A4 size of bottom area
  • Hassle-free filter replacement management
  • Silent and eco-friendly motor design
  • Panel lighting brightness can be adjusted during sleeping
  • User-friendly App interface design for settings and controls
  • Comprehensive App dashboard: home health overview and real-time operation statistics


From back of the paper sketches…

…to conceptual ID designs

…to CAD designs.

And to better engage with our users, we spent countless hours fine tuning our App user interface and optimize for the best experience.


Asia - Taipei Computex InnoVEX Startup Event (June 2016)

Europe - IFA Berlin (September 2016)

TechCrunch London (Dec 2016)

In-Person interview with TC

BRISE hard at work

People love our BRISE App



The cost of using an air purifier is not just the unit cost, but also factoring in filter costs. With BRISE, you can select the most appropriate main filter option depending on your environment to maximize the healthy clean air that you breathe.


Product Imagineers and Co-founders: Kerwin Chang andUlrich Pabst


Hi, I'm Ulrich Pabst, an expert in computer science and building energy saving, and the product imagineer of the BRISE personalized air purifier.

There are lots of health issues caused by 'bad air'. I'm personally affected by asthma problems that occur from time to time. They are caused by cigarette smoke and harmful chemicals. Other people have issues with pet fur, bacteria and various other things.

About 2 years ago, my 12 years old daughter also started to have asthma and allergy issues. As air quality was a potential root of the problem, I was looking for an air purifier that could clean her room, and also could analyze the air to give me some hints what might be wrong.Although I did a lot of research, I couldn't find the perfect product. There were a lot of air purifiers on the market, some did not filter all substances that might cause issues, and most of them didn't really measure and report what is going on in the air.

After an extensive frustrating research, I decided to write down my desired spec and define the perfect product.After a demand analysis, I was convinced that many people are like me in search of this product.

I invited Kerwin Chang, an owner and chief engineer of greenhouses in the Netherlands, to join the team. Kerwin helped to create the perfect solution and became the cofounder of Brise Care B.V. Together with his more than 15 years expertise in indoor climate control, we defined and developed the BRISE personalized smart air purifier.

The closer we approach the product launch, the more we are convinced that this is the right product for people that already have health issue caused by air quality, and also for those who want to do their best to stay healthy.

'Start living the way you want, and the rest leave it to BRISE.

Q: Will BRISE be delivered with a filter?
A: Yes, the new BRISE includes a standard filter.
Q: How long do filters last?
A: It depends on the environment where the BRISE is used. Normally it lasts 6 months. However, BRISE is designed with intelligence so it will inform you when the filter needs to be changed.
Q: How do I order new filters?
A: Convenience key. The BRISE system will send you a new filter automatically to your assigned address. Of course, you will need to register your BRISE in advance.
Q: Why is BRISE so intelligent, unlike other air-purifiers?
A: BRISE is designed as cloud-based. Meaning that BRISE can function most optimally while learning from your environment and habits.
Q: How much does the BRISE App cost?
A: You can download BRISE App for iOS and Android for free.
Q: Is BRISE accessible remotely via app, even when I am not home or at the office?
A: Yes. With the advance BRISE technology, you can access your BRISE via app as long you have internet connection.
Q: I might need 2 BRISE units in the future; can I buy it in the retail shops?
A: Of course, however keep in mind the expected retail price will be €489.
Q: Can BRISE eliminate NOx?
A: BRISE can at least reduce NOx. But the sensors are not able to detect NOx, so the App can not show the progress.
Q: What is "BRISE mode"?
A: Instead of only following the sensors (=Auto mode), you can tell BRISE more about your environment in advance. If you have cats or dogs, BRISE will optimally adjust its performance to factor in fur and dander presence, and filter accordingly.
Q: Why is the room size limited to 20~28 m² room size?
A: Technically, BRISE is able to filter a maximum of 234 m³ air per hour. Studies indicate that the optimum filter results are possible when filtering the whole air in your room 5 times per hour. Depending on the room height and the size of the furniture etc., this results in 20~28 m² room size.
Q: How can BRISE help me to sleep well?
A: Of course, BRISE supports your health and also your sleep quality by providing clean air! Additionally, you can reduce the fan speed to create less noise. It means that the motor runs slower, but longer, and maintains the defined noise limit. And you can adjust the BRISE display brightness to provide a less light-induced room.
Risks and challenges

In order for BRISE to meet regional government regulations, specific certifications such as CE and FCC will be required. As with any certification applications, there are always chances of delay and additional information required during the process. However, with our extensive experience in air-purification products and white appliances development, we will definitely be able to minimize the potential risks. Our current prototype samples are ready for certification testing and production testing is also in process.

There are always potential risks in shipment delays due to supply chain management. Our production team has long-standing relationships with all of our suppliers. We are also working with qualified reputable vendors for each of our critical components to prevent component supply shortage or manufacturing downtime. Therefore, we are confident that we will achieve the milestones set forth in this project.

Contact Information:

Ulrich Pabst



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