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Monday, 08 August 2022 04:39 GMT

FCC Vote and The Real Truth About the Internet


The Internet was invented by an African- American Retired Science Teacher . Prior "Internetting Projects " based on the ARPANET which was the Internet before 1990 was shut down by 1989 and parked as the NSFNET . The following ideas by the Inventor Dorothy M. Hartman were used by the National Science Foundation in 1990-1991 to transform the NSFNET structure into today's Internet or Internet 2.

The economy is failing the environment changing and wars abound - but the worse thing will be the demise of the Internet. The worse mistake that can be made regarding the Internet is the so called Net Neutrality being imposed by way of a government controlled utility which will be a lumbering imposition on freedom. Social networking is good in its place but some people need to wake up and 'smell the coffee' as to what is going on around them. The government already controls the Internet indirectly. The Internet works fine the way it is except that more regulation regarding abuse by various entities needs to be put into place. There should be Commissions convened to really look into feasible ways of making the Internet better - not making it another huge appendage of the federal government which will impose additional taxes additional fees and more lack of freedoms to the population.

"What the public does not realize" says Inventor Dorothy Hartman "is that this is all a move from the internet insiders big money and big government to so call keep the Internet Inventor's rights under violation or the so called motto to keep the Internet OPEN and FREE. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has already prevented a patent and I allege that its actions are fraudulent. Both the Appellate Court and the U.S. Supreme Court have refused to review the documents in the case leaving the Patent Office Decision to remain intact. A copy of the Appellate's Court Decision can be found here 2013 Opinion by Appellate Court Evidence regarding the fraud allegations by the Patent Office have never been examined.

"No Court has yet looked at the actual documents or called any witnesses in connection to the case. I have no desire to rule over an invention as great as the Internet. I am only a human being. However that does not dismiss me as its inventor. Today's internet is not the same as that which existed before 1990. I deserve credit for its invention as my writings to the SBA BFTC PaDOC and ultimately the National Science Foundation (NSF) served as the template for the creation of the Information Superhighway later called by only one name the Internet. It is not the Arpanet or Internetting projects but the Internet which has a different functions and structure.

The public need not run away from me. This entire debate on Net Neutrality and FREE and OPEN Internet is a ruse by the government to hide what has been going on in Court regarding the Internet and the rights of a black inventor who has not been compensated a dime while the Internet has been taken over by corporations getting rich off it and the government having grown very powerful because of it. I am one of the good guys or in this case a good woman. I am the one who encouraged the development of an Internet involving ordinary consumers and businesses - not the altruism of the government. They saw the money making possibilities and the power in the ideas which is why the ideas were kept and used while I and my request for $35000 to start my own business were quickly shown the door. The following are links to a short exerpt from my writings on commercializing telecommunications and the effect(s) that it would have on the way the world does business. You may find the patent application on the USPTO.gov website under Application Number 11003123. Here you will find what some of the fuss has been about for the last few years since the government already has control of the internet. By making you pay it can increase taxation on the already working poor while continuing to allow those who do not want to pay their fair share to continue to do just that."



Once again the success and development of the country which has depended on the contributions of an African-American (who is only one of millions that have contributed to the successful development of this country) but yet are never recognized for their contributions nor treated to fairness and justice under the law.

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