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Al-Jubeir Affirms Depth of Saudi-French Relations 3

(MENAFN - Saudi Press Agency)
With regard to the resigned Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the French Foreign Minister disclosed that he will meet later with Hariri today, pointing out that French President Emmanuel Macron invited Hariri to visit France.
For his part, Al-Jubeir pointed out that Hariri lives in the Kingdom of his own choice, adding Hariri's return to Lebanon will be decided by his own wish and his own assessment of the security situations there.
With regard to the Syrian opposition's meeting in the Kingdom, the Saudi Foreign Minister said that the meeting will be held on 22-24, November, 2017 aiming to convergence of views among the parties and platforms to come out with a unified vision regarding negotiations, implementation of the "Geneva Declaration 1" and the Security Council resolution no. 2254, so that the UN envoy de Mistura can resume the negotiations in Geneva. "This is what the Kingdom is seeking," Al-Jubeir confirmed, pointing out that the invitations are being made to the Syrian brothers.
On cessation of attacks in Syria, the French Foreign Minister stressed the importance of preparing a political solution in Syria that respects the safety of the entire Syrian territory and respects the various components of the Syrian people.
Commenting on allegations that Hariri is detained in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al-Jubeir confirmed that "these allegations were false and baseless. Prime Minister Hariri is a Saudi citizen as well as a Lebanese citizen. He visits the Kingdom and lives in the Kingdom of his own choice. He can leave the Kingdom when he wants," Al-Jubeir said.
On the current Lebanese crisis, Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir stressed that the basis of the crisis in Lebanon is Hezbollah, where the party kidnapped the Lebanese regime and tried to impose its authority and influence on Lebanon and impede the political process.
"Hezbollah is a tool at the hands of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. This party is also used in the riots in Bahrain," Al-Jubeir added, pointing out that if Lebanon is able to refute the role of Hezbollah, it will be fine, but if this approach continues, instability will continue and make the situation dangerous in Lebanon.
He stressed that there is consensus in the world that Hezbollah must deal with it by one means or another.
"There is consensus or near consensus that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization of the highest order. It must respect the laws and the sovereignty of Lebanon and the Taif Accord and must disarm," Al-Jubeir concluded.
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Al-Jubeir Affirms Depth of Saudi-French Relations 3

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