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Get diabetes screening worth Dh700 for just Dh1 in UAE 

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) How may can get diabetes screening, worth Dh700, for just Dh1? This vital medical service can be availed by simply registering online in a physical fitness challenge in Ras Al Khaimah.

With a focus on prevention and active lifestyle, this World Diabetes Day, RAK Hospital and Dubai's RAK Diabetes Centre, Jumeirah, have rolled out a month-long campaign to motivate people to give up their sedentary lifestyle.

The campaign, slated fromNovember 13 to December 14, kick-started with the 'Blue Ring Challenge' inviting UAE residents to free blood sugar screening (RBS) at both premises to find for themselves the positive effect of physical exercise on sugar levels.

The campaign was inaugurated at RAK Hospital, offering screenings to all the employees of Arabian Healthcare Group and taxi drivers of Ras Al Khaimah. It will also extend to Dubai Police on the 14th at Mamzar Park, the general public and corporates on 15th at Dubai RAK Diabetes Centre, and to corporates in Ras Al Khaimah on 16th.

Dr. Zain Gulzar, Consultant Endocrinologist at RAK Hospital and Dubai RAK Diabetes Centre, said visitors can get their blood sugar tested prior to a 20 minutes exercise regime - comprising cycling, brisk walking, swimming, skipping, jogging, zumba or any other cardiovascular exercise.

"They can get themselves retested to check how far the levels of blood sugar have reduced 20 minutes later."

On an average, diabetic patients will see their blood sugars drop by 20 percent after just 20 minutes of exercise, while the drop will vary in non-diabetics. This will drive home the importance of staying active in a far more effective manner, he explained.

"UAE residents can also register for the challenge online and get a diabetes health screening voucher worth Dh700 for just Dh1, which they can avail either at Hospital or the Diabetes Centre.

Dr. Yasmin Shaikh, Group Marketing Head, Arabian Healthcare Group and RAK Hospital, said at the end of The Blue Ring Challenge on14th December, all those who registered will have a chance to win mega prizes such as iPhone X, Smart Gear, sports equipment, bicycles and family annual health checkup vouchers at the screening.

"With just 20 to 30 minutes of active exercise five days a week, people with pre-diabetes can control and prevent their condition from turning worse, while the activity significantly brings down sugar levels in known diabetic patients."

According to World Health Organisation, sedentary lifestyle is among the 10 leading causes of death since it gives birth to a number of chronic ailments, such as significantly increasing the risk of diabetes and pre-diabetes.

One in five UAE residents are affected by diabetes, and there may be a sizeable number that are in a pre-diabetic stage but are not aware of it, he added. "The disease predatory nature often leads to other chronic health issues, particularly related to cardiovascular and obesity."

Dr. Raza Siddiqui, CEO, Arabian Healthcare Group and Executive Director RAK Hospital said the number of diabetic patients in the UAE has reportedly risen by 35 percent since 2014.

"Simply put, the insulin in human bodies helps glucose to get absorbed in the cells as energy. When we are inactive, the glucose absorption is minimized, resulting in increased sugar levels in the blood."

This can lead to diabetes and the use of diabetic medication. However, when diabetic patients exercise, their muscles absorb the glucose for energy, lowering the blood sugar levels in the bodies, he added. "Moreover, exercising helps Type 2 diabetics in avoiding long-term diabetic complications such as blocked arteries, nerve pain and kidney disease."

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Get diabetes screening worth Dh700 for just Dh1 in UAE&#160

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