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Smart platform to welcome Expo 2020 Dubai participants

The UAE is preparing to host Expo 2020 Dubai - the largest ever international event to be held in the Middle East - and is dedicating all its resources and creative energies to provide an exceptional experience that remains firmly rooted in the memories of participants from around the globe. Public and private sector institutions are collaborating closely to implement the vision of the UAE's leadership that is fostered on empowering individuals to build promising futures. The same vision seeks to elevate the UAE to a position of global leadership, making it one of the best countries with one of the most powerful economies, prestigious governments and happiest societies. This is in line with the "best government" axis of the UAE Centennial 2071, which was recently approved by the federal government and emphasizes that the essence of the government's goal is to bring happiness to society by empowering people and providing the best services. The UAE’s investment in this global event extends beyond physical infrastructure, as it seeks to add social value through job creation and investment opportunities. The UAE aims to establish Expo 2020 Dubai as a prominent cultural event that embodies the spirit of the UAE’s population, which, since the dawn of history, has been a proponent of peace and has demonstrated its ability to merge various human experiences and cultures into one crucible to produce happiness, prosperity and creativity. Smart agreements This year's meeting of international participants at Expo 2020 Dubai was fruitful in numerous ways. During the meeting, Dubai Expo 2020 and the Dubai Aviation City Corporation signed a strategic memorandum of understanding to cooperate and partner on the electronic participants’ portal, which is Expo 2020 Dubai’s unique and technologically advanced platform that will provide all the government and private services required at Expo 2020. As part of the agreement, Dubai Aviation City Corporation will provide all the government services required by participants in Expo 2020 Dubai through the participants' portal to enhance the UAE's reputation as a world leader in ease of business and build the reputation of Expo 2020 Dubai as one of the most successful expositions since the launch of expo in 1851. Her Excellency Reem Al Hashemi, Minister of State for International Cooperation, Director General of Dubai Expo 2020 said "This agreement is an additional step in our efforts to deliver an unprecedented experience and provide the highest level of services to participants through one interactive platform." She added “The directives and guidance of the wise leadership are clear regarding the convenience of participants and visitors to the exhibition. This has encouraged, and prompted us to explore all means to making the UAE a pioneer in facilitating business and providing all logistics facilities and amenities.” The portal provides participants with technical and service facilities through one integrated terminal, making it easy for Expo 2020 participants to complete the relevant transactions and preparations to be part of this global event, which is expected to welcome up to 25 million visitors, of which approximately 70% will be from outside the host country for the first time in the history of the World Expo. The services available within the platform include obtaining licenses, visas, hotel reservations, applications related to permits, approvals, certificates of accreditation, and other government and private services, that companies need to conduct their business with ease. HE Reem Al Hashemi affirmed that these measures are part of “the UAE and Dubai’s desire to organize a world-class international expo and provide an experience that sets new standards, becoming a reference for upcoming international expos and other major international events. This has prompted us to explore ways in which to serve the UAE’s international guests and Expo 2020 Dubai’s participants and provide them with a rich experience, which will serve to enhance the nation’s reputation in serving representatives of participating countries, and will instill happiness in them and visitors to the exhibition.” HE Khalifa Al Zaffin, Executive Chairman of Dubai Aviation City Corporation and Dubai South, said: "This smart interactive platform is a great step forward in facilitating customers' access to various services at the push of a button without the need to visit various government departments. The platform will also provide integrated services from private entities for visitors and company representatives as well as participating countries." Al Zaffin added: "By hosting the location of Expo 2020 Dubai, Dubai South will become a driver of business, economy and living in the future. Additionally, the expertise accumulated by the Dubai Aviation City Corporation and its management of one of the world's leading aviation cities has made it an excellent example of integrated cities that provide a smart and innovative economic and social environment.” Al Zaffin highlighted the Expo Dubai 2020 Smart Platform, considering it the ideal tool to showcase the latest technologies in information technology, data protection and security for customers. He said: “We look forward to developing a sophisticated mechanism that makes completing all transactions simple, smooth and fast, because we believe the key to establishing a world-class business environment, lies in the speed of delivering services to customers.” He added, "We are confident that this platform will reflect a positive picture of the strides that Dubai and the UAE have made in the science of doing business. We at Dubai Aviation City Corporation are committed to providing all the support needed to elevate our country’s profile by providing Expo 2020 Dubai with all the prerequisites of success - including logistics and other facilities - as it prepares to host the world's largest economic exhibition." 180 countries The international annual meeting of international participants in Expo 2020 Dubai has recently concluded with the participation of approximately 500 representatives from 180 countries. Of these, around 150 countries have confirmed their participation in the upcoming exhibition, which is expected to attract more than 20 million visitors during its six-month duration. Expo 2020 Dubai will be a celebration of creativity and human innovation. Several countries and international institutions will come together under the umbrella of its theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" to shape the future through three topics: opportunities, mobility and sustainability. The event will provide a platform and forum for international cooperation, innovation and sustainable partnerships, the effects of which will extend beyond the year 2020, benefiting the UAE, the region and the world as a whole. The event is expected to attract a wide range of countries, companies, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions, making it one of the most comprehensive exhibitions in the history of the World Expo. Dubai Aviation City Corporation aims to keep abreast of the emirate's steady growth in aviation and related activities. The corporation aims to facilitate various economic and commercial fields to promote the emirate's economic development and enhance its status as an international hub for all types of air transport and cargo services. Dubai Aviation City Corporation supports commercial, real estate, services and industrial investments in aviation, creating the right climate to attract these investments to the emirate. The corporation also contributes to boosting Dubai’s profile as a leading destination for hosting and organizing exhibitions and conferences as well aviation-related events, both locally and internationally.

Smart platform to welcome Expo 2020 Dubai participants

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