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Morocco- Saffron Sector Shines in Taliouine Seasonal Festival

(MENAFN - Morocco World News) Taliouine - The 11th International Festival of Saffron kicked off November 2 in Taliouine, in the province of Taroudant. Held annually, the festival is an opportunity for local cooperatives to exhibit their products and artifacts. The guest speakers will highlight the results of scientific research on the saffron sector and share them among farmers. On Thursday, prior to the official inauguration, organizers held sports activities supervised by the Provincial Delegation of Youth and Sport of Taroudant, in partnership with the Association of Youth and Sport and Club Atlas of Taliouine. Saffron, the "most expensive spice in the world known for its therapeutic qualities," and saffron-based products are mainly the dominant exhibitions in the fair. However, other products of the region, mainly argan oil, saffron-flavored honey, almonds, garlic, and the famous carpets of Taznakht are also exhibited and on sale. "The harvest season has been a tradition of our ancestors, who used to celebrate their modest means by crowning a year of hard work, a good harvest with an annual festive event. New generations are asked to learn from those who initiated the saffron festival, which celebrates its 11th edition this year," reads the festival website. Like the previous years, the program of the festival features music parties and social evenings, giving visitors a chance to enjoy the vibrant rhythms of local music and dance, known as Ahwash, along with other famous artists and music bands mainly from the sous region. In addition to the festivities, many cultural conferences, skill-building workshops, sports, and activities for children have been planned for the three days of the festival. Organized by the International Saffron Festival association in partnership with the Belgian Development Agency (CTB), the festival aims to celebrate the saffron harvest and encourage the best practices of saffron cultivation and sale. With the support of local, regional, national, and international partners, this year's festival, held under the theme "Saffron Enhancement, a Means for Sustainable Territorial Development," will aim to show the role of scientific research in the development of the saffron sector. According to the organizers, the program of this year's festival is marked by the national days of the saffron sector jointly organized by the Moroccan Interprofessional Federation of Saffron (FIMASAFRAN) and the CTB under the theme "The Role of Research in the Development of the Saffron"


Morocco-  Saffron Sector Shines in Taliouine Seasonal Festival

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