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Oman- Letter to the editor: Conservation of endangered species

(MENAFN - Muscat Daily) (Muscat Daily, October 8, page 3)

This refers to the report on saving lives of the endangered species, such as the Arabian tahr.

We can protect them by creating awareness and keeping a tab on them using electronic devices.Additionally, introduce strict rules against those who are involved in illegal trading of this endangered species and poaching for meat purposes. People who indulge in such illegal activities should be punished so that it will be a lesson for others. The authorities should take strict action against destroying nature.

Animals are not slaves of humans and should never be ill-treated.

It is important that such endangered species are safeguarded with the help of tagging devices. It is also possible that nature is affecting them adversely.

I thank Muscat Daily for publishing such informative reports that help spread awareness among people and understand the value of animals like the Arabian tahr.

Athira R Nair

Via email

Oman- Letter to the editor: Conservation of endangered species


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