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How Dubai Police intervened to resume a boy's studies - Khaleej Times

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) A father refused to send his son to school after his divorce with the child's mother and the Dubai Police had to intervene to continue the child's studies, a senior police officer has said.

According to Brigadier Dr Mohammed Al Murr, director of the general department for human rights at the Dubai Police, the mother of the child contacted the police, complaining that her son had stopped going to school and it would affect his future. Officials from the department convinced the father to send the child to school, he said, adding that right to education is a legal right of children. "The mother told us that her ex-husband was trying to escape from his responsibilities and wanted her family to bear the expense of the boy's education. However, we convinced him to spend for his son's education and he started sending the child to school," said Brig. Al Murr.

The officer said this was one among many instances where children are neglected or ill-treated by parents after their separation. The police received many complaints and the general department of human rights has successfully resolved the issues, he added.

What the law says Chapter 6 of the Federal Penal Code deals with the protection of the child and the responsibility of the caretaker, whether parents or others.

For any harm suffered as a result of negligence which may endanger the child, the caretaker will have to face strict punitive action. Article 349 of the Federal Penal Code, states that in the event of a permanent disability or death of a child below 15 years of age, caused by negligence, the caretaker will get a maximum of 10 years' imprisonment.

According to Article 350, whoever put a child who is less than seven years into danger will be given an imprisonment of up to three years and a fine or one of these penalties.

Apart from the Federal Penal Code, a special law for the protection of children also ensures the rights of children.

According to the law, child neglect is defined as: "The failure of parents or caregivers to take the necessary measures to preserve their life and physical, mental or other rights.

Article 7 of the law states that the child has the right to life and security.

Article 33 prohibits abuse of children, inability of parents to care for them and the protection of children.

Article 36 prohibits the child from being subjected to torture, physical abuse or cruelty.

Special penalties for violating his provisions, ranging from imprisonment to fine, were incorporated into legislative integration to provide full protection for children.


How Dubai Police intervened to resume a boy's studies - Khaleej Times

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