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RTS Announces the launch of SchedOpt - a state of the art scheduling solution

(MENAFN Editorial) Revenue Technology Services (RTS), a Plano, Texas provider of profitability optimization tools for the transportation industry, announced today the successful launch of SchedOpt. This is a state of the art decision support system that generates optimal schedules, allows users to manage them through an intuitive graphical interface and then evaluate the profitability of the schedule by performing what-if simulation. The solution also includes tactical and operational reports that provide key insights into the performance of a schedule.

SchedOpt includes three main modules. They are given below:

Schedule Optimizer Generates a clean sheet optimal schedule by typically consuming passenger and/or freight demand and rates/fares from a revenue management system and incorporating user specified costs (fuel, maintenance, landing fees,etc.) and operational constraints (airport curfews, aircraft range, minimum ground time,etc.). Some features include:

· Generation of Demand Forecasts and ability to consume from external RM system

· Maximize network profit for passenger, cargo and hybrid carriers by optimal allocation of aircraft

· Easy set up of wide variety of scheduling parameters through a flexible business rules engine

Schedule Manager This module provides users a convenient way of viewing and manipulating their active schedules in a user friendly manner through the use of an intuitive graphical user interface. Some of the key features include:

· Interactive Puck movement to enable schedule changes in an intuitive manner with infeasibility alerts

· Other features including codeshare support, aircraft rotation using FIFO/LIFO (at network or airport level)

Schedule Analyzer Evaluates a given schedule in terms of overall network revenue or contribution. Key features include:

· Interactive display showing each stage in the evaluation process allowing users to perform what-if simulations

· Evaluate the schedule for revenue, cost, profitability and other factors.

Development of this solution was completed in early 2017. "Revenue Technology Services is committed to providing value enhancing planning solutions to the airline industry and in that spirit has built a comprehensive state of the art scheduling solution that will bring unparalleled value to airline scheduling departments said Pradeep Bandla, Vice President of Passenger Solutions at RTS. "In addition to providing an intuitive interactive interface for schedule management, the Schedule Optimization and Evaluation modules bring a level of sophistication not commonly found in other vendor offerings that enables proactive schedule planning and analysis to boost profitability."

About RTS…..

Revenue Technology Servicesis a worldwide provider of profit enhancing revenue management, scheduling and pricing software solutions for passenger and cargo, consulting services, and IT development support for the airline, cruise ferry, and rail industries. RTS is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices in UK and South Africa and a development center in IT Park in Chandigarh, India. For additional information, visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-972-573-1600

For More Information on RTS passenger products, please contact:

Pradeep Bandla

Vice President, Passenger Solutions

Revenue Technology Solutions

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: +1 972.814.7933


RTS Announces the launch of SchedOpt - a state of the art scheduling solution


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