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HWM Launches Speaker Training for the UAE's CEOs to Boost Business Results

(MENAFN Editorial) The course addresses demand for executive education delivering tangible results in shorter timeframes, and is being presented by Dubai presenter Hisham Wyne.

DUBAI, NA, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, August 29, 2017 // -- , and interviewer to the stars Hisham Wyne has launched a corporate speaker training for leaders in the Middle East under the . The move comes as market data reports that 58% of executives are increasing spending on executive education – while the market is still not addressing demand for competent speaking skills.

The training applies professional public speaking tips and techniques to workplace situations to help leaders communicate better and create better business results. It seeks to create tangible improvement in communication – a task that takes up to 90% of a project manager's day as per the Project Management Institute.

'Leadership requires communication. A good leader can balance on the seesaw of organisational politics and sway it. Leadership is about getting people to respond effectively – and communication is key to that. And the ability to articulate ideas effectively in speech is a cornerstone of communication. Hence why the ancient Greeks called rhetoric 'the art of winning the sole by discourse,' Wyne says.

Leaders with better speaking skills are more effective, and even score better on evaluations – regardless of organisational performance. Research by the Academy of Journal management proves a clear link between how leaders are evaluated and how charismatically they come across. This 'inferential theory' states that leaders are evaluated based on how able they are to articulate a vision others can identify with just as much as their actual performance on the job.

'Our goal is to equip CEOs and decision-makers with the essential skills needed to communicate their vision, goals and ideas in ways that resonate with their teams. We want to improve organisational communication, staff morale, and the entire communication culture of an organisation in tangible ways, and in a short space of time. At a time when the efficacy of executive education is being debated, there is need for short, targeted courses that can yield measurable benefits,' Wyne adds.

The standard training course runs for a day, with more extensive tailored options available for decision-makers wanting to attain greater expertise.

Hisham's credentials and body of work are available at while content creation firm HWM can be reached via


HWM Launches Speaker Training for the UAE's CEOs to Boost Business Results



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