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Morocco- Aicha Chenna: Moroccan Society Has Lost Its Courage

(MENAFN - Morocco World News) By Chaimae Boulifa

Rabat – Aicha Chenna, President and Founder of the Solidarité Féminine Association, has called for"a social uprising to bring back the citizenship and humanitarian spirit" within Moroccan society, stressing the need for "an immediate alertness campaign" to bring back safety to Moroccan streets.

The social activist made the statement after becoming the victim of assault in the Darb
Ghallef neighborhood in Casablanca and not receiving any help from bystanders.

"I was sad to see people watching the incident, yet unwilling to intervene and help me,"
Chenna told Morocco World News.

"Men's courage has disappeared in our society," she added. "They are themselves afraid of being abused."

Concerned about the indifference of Moroccan citizens, Chenna condemned what she saw as the shameful attitude of citizens.

"I remember that men used to aid people and prevent such violence in the streets, but they are, today, apathetic towards things happening around them," said Chenna.

She urged "to transmit a bold reaction to the following generations by battling against callous behaviors."

"Courage has run away from our society, because people are not allowed, legally, to interfere and punish the criminals by themselves." Instead, she said, "it is the policemen's task."

"Yet, the security authorities are missed in our streets," declared Chenna.

Chenna mentioned that it was not the first time that she had been attacked in the street,
describing the act as "chaos in the country."

Recently a video of in Casablanca, which was committed and filmed by a group of teenagers, has sparked the indignation of many internet users and social activists, condemning the lack of safety in Moroccan streets and the indifferent of citizens towards public violence and harassment.


Morocco-  Aicha Chenna: Moroccan Society Has Lost Its Courage

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