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Morocco- What's keeping the desktop PC alive

(MENAFN - Morocco World News) Rabat – Many consumers may hold the belief that the desktop, however, holding such a belief may be a tad naïve. There are numerous factors keeping the desktop PC alive now, not least because their versatile systems are highly customisable but they are also very affordable and adored by gamers.

Still, for some time now, it has been made clear that desktop computers just are not as popular as laptops and tablets. The majority of users of the latter two devices enjoy their portability and that is often the primary reason for ownership. That said, desktops traditionally have more performance than laptops, making for a better experience for users. PCs possess more processing cores and many hold super-high clock speeds which make browsing the web, completing work, reading e-mails, playing games whether it be the Sims, a FPS or even playing on a . Hence, the desktop PC is very much alive and kicking and holds no chance of disappearing from the market anytime soon to be replaced entirely by laptops or tablets.

That said, they have a changing role in the home environment and with this, become specialised systems. In most instances, buying a desktop PC is a sensible decision because if offers that performance and many features that a portable device is simply unable to match.

As desktops continue to rely on traditional hard drives, they offer a huge amount of storage space. Nowadays, typical desktop comes with a huge one terabyte drive and it is possible to even have four terabytes in a single drive. Add to this the capability of a desktop to have multiple drives in it and it can be a huge holding for storing applications. This means a desktop can be the ultimate place to store all of your favourite games, important documents, films, songs, photographs etc., regardless of their size, you're not going to run out of storage any time soon.

For avid gamers, a desktop PC is always the best shout over a laptop, unless you're overly keen on being able to transport your device. The PC gaming sector is very, , something avid gamers will more than understand. The performance of desktops makes a huge difference with the majority of PC games being able to reach resolutions that consoles cannot come close to matching, not to mention the sheer detail that PC gaming can offer.

The availability of online casino sites and PC's accessibility to them is a major reason why desktops are still going strong. The online gambling industry is worth over $36billion in total and with desktops offering one of the best online casino experiences, it's understandable why avid gamblers are going to want to own a PC.

Additionally, desktops also hold much more room for upgrades, including the graphics system which is highly important when it comes to gaming and particularly online gambling. It can be highly frustrating when you're trying to wager a bet on the roulette wheel but the graphics are that fuzzy it looks more like a badly shaped octagon.


Morocco-  What's keeping the desktop PC alive

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