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Save 50% with New 4-piece AB Workout System!

(MENAFN Editorial) TeamSoda Fitness is excited to announce a new promotion for its 4-piece ‘Ab Workout System'. The launch of a new 2-in-1 Foam Roller Pack on for just £19.99! To further enhance the launch, the product is offered with FREE SHIPPING until 31st August 2017.

Not only will customers receive a sturdy 2-wheel Ab roller (with knee pad), but they will also get a set of 2, multi-surface core sliders, a pair of rotating push up bars and a speed fitness jump. Separately, these items sell for £39.99, but during the launch phase, they are available for just £19.99 that's a 50% saving!

Along with providing an unbelievable saving, the pack contains the highest quality products that are perfect for those who want to create a strong, toned core.

• 2-wheel AB Roller and Knee Pad: This roller incorporates a "Duo Wheel" system to provide the maximum stability and comfort whilst you are shredding your abs. The wide foam covered handles and FREE knee-pad further enhance the users comfort.

• Rotating Push-Up Bars: Enabling users to achieve the perfect push up, which means RESULTS! Base pads ensure no slipping, on any surface and the steel ball-bearing system gives a smooth rotation.

• Core Sliders: A different surface on each side of the discs means they can be used either on hard flooring OR carpet. Highly portable, so users can engage their core wherever they are, home, business trip or vacation.

• Fitness Jump Rope: Fully adjustable to suit heights up to 6'4''. Made for speed and fully kink-resistant so you'll be mastering your double-unders in no time at all. An ideal tool for HIIT, CrossFit and MMA training.

These items are offered separately, but after noticing customers buying these items together, TeamSoda Fitness decided to offer this new pack to provide customers with even more value.

There is no better product available on the market. Go to today and take advantage of this fantastic new deal!

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Save 50% with New 4-piece AB Workout System!



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