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Duo 'forges' documents to get Dh2.7m bank loan in Dubai

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) An Arab duo allegedly stole Dh2.7 million from a bank after they forged official documents and opened a fake account, a Dubai court heard on Wednesday.

An Emirati woman, 33, had admitted to prosecutors that she went to open a bank account on the "request of a Bahraini woman", who is still at large. The defendant allegedly submitted a forged salary certificate that showed that she was an employee of the Ministry of Interior who earned Dh136,000 a month. She also submitted a forged passport copy to prove her identity.

She said a Jordanian bank clerk, 38, helped her through the process and gave her a forged salary transfer certificate. The clerk asked her to go with the certificate the next day to complete the transaction for the Dh2.7 million loan from the bank.

"My role was to deliver the documents to the clerk, who already knew about the issue, and to open the account under a different name. I was then paid Dh136,000 (by the Bahraini woman) that I asked for," said the Emirati defendant.

The Emirati and the Jordanian denied charges of forging official documents and unlawfully obtaining Dh2.7 million as they faced trial at the Court of First Instance.

Prosecution records showed that the Emirati defendant bought cars worth Dh400,000 after obtaining the bank loan, even though she didn't have a job at the time.

Meanwhile, a Lebanese bank manager told prosecutors that the woman visited her office to receive the Dh2.7 million loan. For identification, the manager asked the defendant to take off her face veil.

"When I made sure they matched, I signed on an approval form for the loan," said the manager. Days later, she said, the defendant withdrew Dh500,000 and then withdrew the remaining Dh2.1 million before thanking the manager for her efforts.


Duo 'forges' documents to get Dh2.7m bank loan in Dubai

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