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The Programming Interview

(MENAFN Editorial) The Programming Interview Programming Interview puzzles. Wide range of questions focused on Algorithms, Data Structures, System Design and Software Architecture.

About this project

Have you ever found yourself hitting a dead end when it came to interview prepping for a software engineering position in Silicon Valley? Let's face it. We all have. With only 1 technical book available on Amazon, I felt it was time to change that and write what the current technical interviewing trends embodied.

Enter me. I am Brad and I currently work as a senior software engineer at a pre-ipo company in the valley. To date, my experience includes working on a variety of software engineering areas for the likes of Google, Twitter and Dropbox. During my time here, I have interviewed with eight tech companies within a month. Of the eight companies that I interviewed, seven companies extended physical offers.

Friends and acquiantances have always ask me for advice on how to prep for technical interviews. I soon found out that the already limited resourced distributed to the public rarely dove in depth on topics they covered. Given my expertise in this domain, it made complete sense for me to write a thorough book to help guide prospective job hunters. This book will include the nuances of ways to prep, how to interact with your interviewers and even pointers on how negotatie the best offers for you. However, the focus of this book will gear towards the technical side of things.

Having a strong background in algorithms and data structures (winning a few gold medals in the International Olympiad in Informatics, International Collegiate Programming Contest finalist), I quickly became one of the most experienced interviewers for my current employer.

Most candidates tend to struggle in the same areas. I plan on insisting on the most common mistakes and how to prevent them.

The programming language doesn't really matter in an interview, but everyone has a different preference so I decided on releasing multiple versions of the book, one for every common/suitable programming languages out there (C++, Java, Python and Ruby).

The book will include:

- Over 100 CS fundamental questions that are actively being asked all over the Bay Area. (will do my best not to duplicate what you can already find on a google search).

- A dozen questions on design and architecture, focusing on common patterns that the interviewers are looking for and that can solve most of the challenges that come out of these kind of tasks.

- Definitely a lot more based on community feedback and interest.

Risks and challenges

The funding should cover the printing cost, shipping and kickstarter fees.
The other important resource is the time and I am extremely dedicated and motivated to drive it to completion.


The Programming Interview


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