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US reversion not a virtue

(MENAFN - Arab Times)

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times DID the United States of America need about 300,000 deaths, more than a million disabled and injured, and 12 million displaced and refugees, in order to realize that the solution in Syria cannot be reached through military option and that the political negotiation is the only way to end the crisis in this Arab country which appears to be living in the medieval era?

Did the most powerful country in the world fail to realize this five and a half years ago or it just decided to prioritize Israel's interests in destroying Syria for the entire Arab world to be weak and torn apart?

Will the position taken by US Secretary of State John Kerry be followed by America's official admission, in the near future, of what Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton mentioned that the US established DAESH? Will she reveal reasons behind political blackmailing against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other GCC countries for many years in the past by bearing responsibility for extremism? Or will she say that enlisting and asking help to go against an enemy were part of the political election campaign among presidential candidates who did not leave any blemish without attributing it to Arabs, Muslims and especially the GCC countries?

Had Washington announced that negotiation is the only way forward from the start, it would have saved all the souls who were killed. It would have prevented displacement which never happened before and it would have prevented massive destruction that continues to happen.

Had Washington made the announcement from the beginning, it would have also prevented betting on the Syrian opposition through which it gave the people hope that change is near. It would have enabled the people of Syria to impose their political will on their leaders through peaceful means.

However, it is clear that the US is keen on delivering Israel's demand and helping its indirect ally — Iran — to return to the International arena over the skulls of Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis and the entire Arab world, if given the chance.

It seems the principle announced by Roosevelt in 1945 in front of the late King Abdulaziz that 'America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests,' continues to be the basis of US politics.

Given that Israel's interest is above every consideration as long as the US is concerned, the latter continues to promote Israel's plans. When these plans came head on with the mines and savagery of terrorism which continue to spread, the US opted to announce the political solution. This is why Washington pushed Tehran — the US tool — into the furnace of conflict in order to execute Tel Aviv's old plans. On the other hand, the reckless regime in Iran, which has been fascinated with the idea of expansionism, made Iran the first enemy of Muslims and Arabs while wasting its wealth and its illusion causes sectarian seditions.

Once again, the US has proven that it is not a dependable ally. In the past, it used the politics of empty promises with the Arabs in the Palestinian cause through the overdue promise of the two-States solution until Israel devoured majority of the land, thereby, preventing the establishment of an independent country.

Here is the US today, practicing the same politics in Syria where the people have no other choice but to relinquish their bet on the US and resolve the crisis themselves by involving every Syrian social fabric in a bid to end the misery. This is in addition to determining the type of a country they want rather than going along with the US objectives that serve only the interests of Israel.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

US reversion not a virtue

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