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KiwiTaxi Has Launched the German Version of Their Website

(MENAFN Editorial) The managers working for KiwiTaxi reported the launch of the German version of their official website. The necessity of this step is explained by the global development of tourism and the need to make the company popular with the clients across the world.

Kiwitaxi is an international company, which offers professional and high quality transfer booking services to the residents of many countries of the world. The company was created in 2010, which means that they have over 6 years of experience in the business and are always eager to meet the needs and requirements of their clients. Offering comfortable and quick private transfers from the airport to the place of a customers destination, the company ensures maximum convenience and time economy.

From now on, the German version of the website will be available round the clock. Its main purpose is the increase of the client base of the company. The launch of the German version of the site will help popularize the service among the German-speaking population, who are looking for professional transfer services, irrespective of the country they travel to.

What makes KiwiTaxi special is that they make it possible to book the transfer to/from the airport on the website. The only thing that is needed to do that is to fill out the online request form and wait for the answer of the managers of the company. In each country, we carefully choose our service providers and work only with the most reliable taxi services. Germany is not an exception. We have partners in this country as well and are ready to offer our clients the most reliable and professional transfer services, - underline the representatives of the company.

As of today, the company owns several classes of automobiles their clients may choose from. The choice depends upon the number of people, amount of luggage, destination and other important nuances that are discussed in each case individually.

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About the Company:

KiwiTaxi is a popular and reputable international airport transfer company, which sees its objective in helping their clients get to the places of their destination in the shortest time possible and with maximum comfort. The company was founded in 2010 and has served thousands of tourists across the world since that time. They employ punctual and decent drivers, who are ready to meet the needs and preferences of each client. KiwiTaxi cooperates with top class taxi companies in many countries to provide on time transfer services any time of the day.

Contact Info
Address: 11401 Street 29, Anna, 45302 Ohio, USA
Tel.: (937) 225 36 78

KiwiTaxi Has Launched the German Version of Their Website


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