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Egypt- New series of exam leaks plagues Education Ministry

(MENAFN - Daily News Egypt) In yet another exam leak, the geography thanaweya amma secondary school exam was leaked Tuesday morning by the Facebook page Revolution against Corrupt Education.

The page posted pictures of the exam paper roughly 40 minutes after it had begun and subsequently started posting answers to the exam questions.

Another Facebook page, United by Cheating, also posted pictures of the leaked biology and statistics exam.

This is the latest wave of leaks since the secondary school exams began in early June.

Earlier this month, Facebook page ChaoMing posted the leaked Arabic and religion exams before the administration of the exams, which initiated a crisis for Education Ministry officials.

The leaks, showing no sign of coming to a halt, have put the Ministry of Education under increasing pressure to apprehend all those responsible and have lead to a number of arrests.

The Interior Ministry announced on Monday that it apprehended the culprits responsible for leaking the thanaweya amma exams; however, the leaks have continued despite the ministry''s claims.

A statement posted on the ministry''s Facebook page said the ministry, after a series of investigations, concluded that the head of the Secret Publications sector of the Ministry of Education was the main culprit behind the leaks.

The Secret Publications Sector of the Ministry of Education is responsible for publishing exam papers.

The statement said the defendant, assisted by his subordinates, brother, and wife, was able to obtain questions for the religion exam early through copying the exam using a flash drive.

When the defendant was arrested earlier this month, he asked his brother to delete all contents on the flash drive.

The defendant was also able to obtain questions to the Arabic exam through abusing his position as head of the Secret Publications Sector, the ministry claimed.

Additionally, the Interior Ministry apprehended defendants who admitted to participating in the leaking of exams in exchange for payment.

The Ministry of Interior also released a statement earlier this month confirming the arrest of two administrators of a Facebook page that leaked exam questions. According to the statement, the two defendants admitted that they were responsible for running the page.

Egypt- New series of exam leaks plagues Education Ministry

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