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Algeria Blocks Social Networks to Prevent Cheating on Baccalaureate Exams

(MENAFN - Morocco World News) Social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are inaccessible in Algeria as of 20:00 PM on Saturday night.

On Saturday, June 18, Algeria Press Service reported that, authorities have temporarily blocked access to social networks to prevent any further leaks relating to this year''s baccalaureate exams.

50 % of baccalaureate candidates in Algeria are forced to retake the exam starting Sunday because of massive leaks of exam papers on the Internet. The social networks will be blocked to the Algerian public until June 23rd, the last day of exams.

In early June, 800,000 Algerian high school students took their baccalaureate exams. However, some candidates studying science, math, and management were able to access exam topics on Facebook before the tests. Therefore, the government decided to partially organize other exams.

According to the national gendarmerie, dozens of people, including executives from the Ministry of National Education, were arrested, suspected of being involved in the leaks.

The government’s decision to partially readminister the tests meets the criteria of “fairness and equality of opportunity guaranteed by the Constitution,'' said the Minister of Education Nouria Benghabrit.

Edited by Ghita Benslimane

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Algeria Blocks Social Networks to Prevent Cheating on Baccalaureate Exams

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