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How to Stop the Infamous Summer Slide

(MENAFN Editorial) Online PR News – 22-March-2016 – Katy TX – Each and every school year students throughout the United States spend their waking moments slaving away at homework and studying hard for upcoming tests. This constant learning interaction feeds their minds enabling growth and new understanding. However that development undergoes a major setback when summer comes along. Students tend to sit around the house watching netflix and playing Xbox leading to a degeneration of their accrued understanding. This setback in education is commonly referred to as the Summer Slide and a local Mathnasium in the Cinco Ranch area has equipped itself with a plan to stave it off.

For students that have performed poorly during the school year it is absolutely vital that they take part in summertime practice. At Mathnasium these students all start off with a diverse diagnostic test that assesses their skills with a large variety of subjects. Often times a student may come in that performed poorly in algebra yet it is not Algebra they struggle with. Rather fractions or order of operations are to blame for their poor performance. Once graded tutors identify exactly which areas the student is weak in and then subsequently focus on those. Once their weak topics are mastered the student will move on to more challenging material to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Many students perform well during the school year and while it is not crucial that these students partake in summer practice there can be many helpful benefits for doing so. Once ahead it is better to stay ahead than fall behind. Many Mathnasium students attend during the summer in order to prepare for their upcoming math course. The tutors have the entire curriculum at their disposal and take the students step-by-step through the material. This grants them a major advantage over their peers and often leads to high grades once the school year starts up again.

Many of Mathnasiums advanced high schoolers take the summer to learn and prepare for the SAT/ACT. Practicing during the school year is difficult to squeeze in so practicing over the summer enables them to get ahead of their peers and achieve higher scores on their SAT/ACT. To prepare students Mathnasium simulates the testing environment of the SAT/ACT providing timed tests with rigorous questions in the SAT/ACT style. With SAT/ACT questions the most helpful set of knowledge comes from understanding how the test designers want the question to be solved. This is one thing that really sets Mathnasium apart from other SAT/ACT prep facilities; their tutors will go over missed questions with each student explaining the thought process behind each question and facilitating that understanding.

The summer slide is one of the biggest problems with the American schooling system often going unrecognized until students head back to school and have already forgotten everything. Thankfully places like the Cinco Ranch Mathnasium are here to help students push the boundaries of their development and thoroughly prepare them for their upcoming school year.

How to Stop the Infamous Summer Slide

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