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Halden Zimmermann Announces Release of New Guide on High Impact Blogging

(MENAFN Editorial) Halden Zimmerman a professional blogger author and business executive has announced the release of “Halden Zimmermann''s Guide to High-Impact Blogs for Life-Changing Income” a book that aims to show aspiring bloggers how to optimize their efforts and generate income based on the quality and not the quantity of their work. Utilizing passive income methodologies and espousing a focus on thorough planning and preparation Zimmermann’s book is a step-by-step guide for creating a blog that can be accurately described as having a “high impact.”

In detailing the high-impact approach Zimmermann recalls his own initial experiences in the world of blogging explaining how his growing popularity actually demanded more of his time than ever before. While Zimmermann enjoyed the time he spent blogging he had not expected his success to create a level of responsibility that actually reduced his free time to such a significant degree. With the goal of generating a strong and consistent stream of revenue without having to devote an increasing amount of time to his blogging efforts Zimmermann began developing what he would eventually call “high-impact blogging.”

“The core issue with my initial approach to blogging was a simple error in structure” said Zimmermann. “Like many other bloggers the majority of my posts became less valuable as time passed and the information therefore became less relevant. Once I shifted my focus to the high-impact approach I found that the demand on my writing output was reduced to a great degree and I was earning more than ever before.”

Zimmermann cautions that the methods he advocates in his new book release do require time and effort during the planning and preparation stage. In fact he has indicated that the planning and preparation stage may actually require more work than would otherwise be required but this is necessary in order to achieve the long-term and continual benefit that is the goal of high-impact blogging. With much of the work done during this initial stage high-impact bloggers are able to earn life-changing income while actually having the free time to truly enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Many of Zimmermann’s core philosophies can be tied to the lessons he learned not only as a blogger but also as an engineer and an executive. The practical approach outlined in Zimmermann’s book promotes the importance of efficiency in blogging and advocates a strategy that ensures the value of the blogger’s work is properly leveraged for a maximal return. Simple and straightforwardZimmermann’s new bookrepresents a unique opportunity for bloggers seeking an efficient strategy to earn the kind of life-changing income made possible through the use of high-impact blogging.

About Halden Zimmermann

Halden Zimmermann’s professional career has been so successful and so varied that it essentially defies definition or categorization. As an author and a blogger Zimmermann has published several books and maintains a number of wildly popular blogs that utilize the unique “high-impact blogging” approach he developed. In addition to his success as a writer Zimmermann is also well versed in executive leadership and engineering holding an MBA along with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering.


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Halden Zimmermann Announces Release of New Guide on High Impact Blogging

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