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Morocco- Mohamed Fizazi to Moroccan Female Blogger: Go Back to Your Sense

(MENAFN - Morocco World News) In a newly released video lecture Mohamed Fizazi verbally attacks Mayssa Salama Ennaji the female blogger who has lead the recent public uproar against the pensions of Moroccan members of Parliament (MPs) and two decrees issued by the Moroccan government related to teacher-trainees.

Mohamed Fizazi is the controversial Moroccan sheikh previously one of the most ardent proponents of Jihadi Salafism who was detained following the bombings of Casablanca in 2003 and freed after a royal pardon in 2011.

In the video he begins by referring to a previous lecture that revolved around the Quranic verse 'O you who have believed if there comes to you a disobedient one with information investigate lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become over what you have done regretful' (46:6). He also reminds that that lecture was related to those who do not investigate the information they receive from people and consequently fall into errors. He adds that the current lecture deals with those who harm people 'not out of ignorance but on premeditation and aforethought' and reveals that he means the famous blogger.

Fizazithen begins a series of accusations against Ennaji whom he calls 'kowaytiba' or (little female writer or blogger) saying that she 'criticizes everyone she criticizes the king the government the political parties the scholars and so forth.' 'This creature' he continues 'has continuously harmed me but I didn't really care about that for she is trivial.' However he says that she needs to be 'censored and punished for what she writes because sometimes she talks about the king the symbol of unity in this country and the umbrella that unites all the political and intellectual rivals as if he were just anybody.'

Mayssa Salama Ennaji a Moroccan blogger and columnist

Addressing Ennaji Fizazi says that she needs to differentiate between the state the government and the nation and must be aware of the concepts she employs in the articles she shares with the public in a 'corrupted and primitive language.'Her articles he contends should receive 'more than the attention she gives to her make-up.'

With respect to the substance of Ennaji's views and positionsafter this long introduction that covers one third of his lecture he focuses on her article 'Morocco: The Position of Neutrality Concerning Saudi Arabia and Iran Translates its Internal Policy about the Salafists and Shiites.' Fizazi says that her contention that the state has attempted to regulate Shiite activism in the same way it has organized that of the Salafists has the intention of deceiving the public into thinking that Shiism in Morocco is an established movement and 'not a tiny minority that does not exceed a dozen at best.'

In response to her assertion that this strategyof regulating the activity of the groups it considers threatening that the Moroccan Intelligence Services uses serves to keep the different ideological currents under allegiance to the state Fizazi says that one is either loyal to the state or a traitor and asks her if she is a traitor to the state 'that is headed by the Commander of the Faithful King Mohamed VI.'

Delving into the details of the article Fizazi says that 'these details are extremely dangerous.' He reads her statement that 'a document was leaked on Facebook in mid-2014 that condemns Fizazi for cooperating with the Moroccan Intelligence Services by reporting his fellow prisoners' and says that this document was forged and that the news outlets that published it are now being 'sued and dragged into the courts' by both himself and the government. This fate Fizazi asserts will be similar to the one Ennaji will face for presenting the document as genuine 'with all certainty' as if looking for a legal proof to prosecute her.

In the same context Fizazi addressing his speech to Ennaji asserts that the Intelligence Services are beyond relying on his cooperation for it is a powerful institution made up of 'adept and educated youth' who have recently been hailed by the whole world. Also he claims that in the last five years of his imprisonment he was in solitary confinement and did not meet other prisoners. Finally he says that cooperating with the Intelligence Services is not a crime or betrayal since it is 'the eyes of Commander of the Faithful' and thereby a 'national and religious duty.'

Responding to another contention by the Moroccan blogger in her article that 'immediately after he [Fizazi] left prison he shifted from extremism to extremism' Fizazi acknowledges that his religious discourse before prison was marked by an 'extremist' tone noting that he reprimands himself more than Ennaji does. However he argues that as a Muslim scholar who is currently 'revered' by many Moroccans and who submits to his state and king he cannot be an extremist.

The video lecture does not go beyond these two statements by Mayssa Salama Ennaji and ends with Mohamed Fizazi inviting her to 'return to her senses.'

Morocco- Mohamed Fizazi to Moroccan Female Blogger:  Go Back to Your Sense

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