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Ecomarine Services Will Beat any Genuine Quote on Fire Tank Inspections

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Eltham Victoria Australia – Michael Sparg founder of Ecomarine Services announced that the company will beat any legitimate quote from comparable companies for  . Ecomarine Services utilizes state-of-the-art remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for the highest level of safety cost effectiveness and efficiency.

“With our ROVs we’re able to provide both customers and divers with clear and detailed information” said Sparg.

The company’s ROVs are small allowing them to fit through most hatches. The use of ROVs enables fire tanks to remain operational without the need for emptying them even while the inspection is being conducted. Clients receive digital photos for all points of inspection combined with a DVD and written report.

Ecomarine Services inspects fire tanks for internal corrosion the condition of liners supports and the condition of inlet and outlets. From the first obligatory cleaning at one year of service to every 10 years thereafter the company provides in-depth inspections enabling clients to adhere to mandated inspection requirements and standards.

The company provides regular external and internal maintenance and repairs and sediment removal from tank bottoms. ROVs offer clients enhanced access to restricted areas and locations that are difficult to reach. All of the company’s ROV pilots have been trained in the United States and are fully qualified for a variety of underwater work within Australia.

Prior methods of inspection required tanks to be drained wasting valuable resources and impacting the environment. It was an expensive process that created a critical interruption of services. Seals often failed once the tank was drained necessitating repair and replacement. With Ecomarine Service’s ROVs it reduces the labor intensive process of inspections and dangers to divers and no alarm panels must be isolated.

Ecomarine Services provides examinations and inspections of portable water tanks public water systems and fire tanks. The company’s professionals remove sediment and perform cleaning repair and replacement of tanks. ROV services are available for insurance investigations salvage operations wrecked vessels and identification of oil fuel and hazardous materials. Species collection environmental impact surveys and instrument installations are also offered.

The commitment by Ecomarine Services to beat any genuine quote for fire tank inspections ensures clients receive the highest level of services that are cost effective and efficient. The company’s ROVs provide customers with enhanced safety and no disruption in services while inspections are being conducted.

About Ecomarine Services

Founded by commercial diver Michael Sparg Ecomarine Services provides remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections and cleaning of fire and water tanks marine insurance investigations scientific diving and a wide range of underwater construction services.

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Michael Sparg Founder
Ecomarine Services
Phone: 0402 780 751

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