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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Denver Comments on Recent Uptick of Fentanyl Abuse

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According to NPR fentanyl is being laced into heroin on the street prompting increased overdose rates. Fentanyl abuse has roots within the medical community as a pinnacle source of abuse which has disseminated outward. Recently drug dealers have begun lacing heroin with fentanyl (an opiate- also called a narcotic- 80-100 times more potent than morphine) to offer users a more powerful high. More than 1000 deaths in the United States have been directly linked to heroin laced fentanyl overdoses.Drug and Alcohol Rehab Denver is a rehabilitation center dedicated to providing accessible recovery solutions to those riddled by drug and alcohol addiction.Drug and Alcohol Rehab Denver assess the distribution of fentanyl laced heroin will foment increasing overdose rates contributing to the national opiate epidemic.

Heroin users and other opiate abusers typically take too much fentanyl as they are unaware of the opiate’s potency and take too much of the substance. Fentanyl is abused in its liquid injectable form patch and tablet renditions.The DEA is currently investigating labs in the USA which may be producing their own versions of fentanyl. An associate for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Denver comments “We haven’t figured out how to get the opiate crisis happening nationwide under control and the induction of fentanyl on the street level will decimate communities. Spreading awareness about abusing prescription opiates and illegal drugs in communities schools and public outreach centers is crucial for helping to build awareness. Education is the only means which has proven to be effective for prevention.

“Many purchasing illegal heroin and fentanyl are taking the risk of contracting communicable diseases and consuming other substances which may prove deadly- such as the combination for heroin and fentanyl.”understands the underlying causes of addiction must be redressed to prevent relapse and treat drug and alcohol addictions entirely. The rehabilitation center specializes in drug rehab in Denver and  but offers fully personalized addiction treatment plans for clients.

The treatment center accepts patients from the entire state of Colorado.During treatment recovering patients participate in one on one cognitive behavioral therapy which helps ex-users assess the underlying behaviors precipitating addiction. During rehabilitation drug and alcohol addicts learn how to cope with stress and prevent relapse.

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Drug and alcohol rehab Denver takes pride in providing the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment for clients across the entire state of Colorado.


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