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Funded Justice Goes International

(MENAFN Editorial)

Funded Justice is a relatively new crowd-funding platform that is specific to those who . Funded Justice launched in the United States in 2014. Since that launch they have been able to help many people with obtaining the attorney they needed to seek justice in their situation.

Funded Justice is different from other crowd funding sites. They will not discriminate against what your legal issue is and they believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Coupling that with the passion and belief that justice shouldn’t cost money Funded Justice is becoming the premier platform for its users.  Funded Justice also helps its users with their campaigns unlike any other platform. From a strong social media push to crowd speaking to press releases whatever the staff at Funded Justice can do to help their users raise money they will do.

The site is very easy to use for both the person needing the funds and the person giving the funds. To start a campaign all that the user has to do is create an account add picture or video (if and when available) and describe their situation. The user will then be prompted to set up a Stripe account to allow donations to go directly to their bank accounts. Once all of those steps are done Funded Justice will review the campaign approve and launch. With the help of Funded Justice’s new technology using international campaigns can be created.

Currently Funded Justice is supporting a Canadian campaign “” has set a heavy goal of raising $5 million dollars. With technology social media and viral news that goal is perfectly obtainable; especially now that has the ability to accept international payments.

is catching on and becoming a very popular way to get the legal help you need. After all we may not know one person who can afford to give us $2000 for an attorney’s retainer but we may be able to reach 100 people who can each give us $20.

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Funded Justice Goes International is a press release distribution service that distributes press releases to online news sites and blogs to help customers with search engine optimization and create buzz about their web site, news or business.

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