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Sharjah King Faisal Street repairs leave motorists fuming

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times)The ongoing roadworks on the King Faisal Street in Sharjah have left commuters and residents baffled and extremely frustrated.

Road users have been stuck in terrible traffic snarls throughout the day since the partial closure of the street that connects King Faisal Bridge and the Central Souq in Sharjah

The roads were closed for works on July 23 and have been chaotic since then. Officials of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Sharjah stated that the roads have been closed for maintenance work.

Commuters said that it took more than 45 minutes to exit the service lanes into the main roads on Friday night.

Adding to the woes the RTA have also blocked a part of Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Road. The road was closed for traffic in the direction of Al Wahda Street for four days and will re-open on Monday.

Abdul Jenahi Egyptian national and shopkeeper in Al Qasimia said: "From Al Qasimia and Mega Mall there are only two roads that connect you to Ittihad road to go to Dubai. After the closure of King Faizal Street traffic has largely been diverted into Abu Shagarah which is not at all practical."

He added: "Abu Shagarah is always crowded and chaotic even without the traffic diversions. The current situation has worsened the situation. I cannot take my car out in the mornings or evenings without the fear of getting stuck in traffic for at least 40 minutes."

Earlier in an interview with Khaleej Times Sulaiman Al Hajiri director of RTA Sharjah for Roads Affairs had said that the traffic from Etihad Square Central Market and Corniche road in the direction of King Faisal Bridge shall be diverted towards the service road parallel to King Faisal Road in the Majaz-1 area.

"However vehicles coming from King Faisal Road shall be diverted to the opposite direction of the same road towards King Faisal Bridge (parallel to the Central Market)" he said.

"Why didn't officials think about this? . I left the house for a family dinner and I was stuck in traffic less than five minutes away from my home. I don't think I will venture into Abu Shagara till the road works are over" said Santosh Martin an Indian national and marketing executive. He added: "I live near Mega Mall and now it seems I must walk to my destination instead of taking the car for the next two months."

'Do something'

Most people living in these residential blocks have not returned from their summer vacations hence traffic is relatively less said one resident.

"Once schools reopen this area will become uninhabitable. School buses ply in these areas from 6am until 8am in the morning and from 12pm to 4pm in the evenings. At the same time there are residents who commute to work" said Jeena Nair a school teacher living in Abu Shagara.

Most residents who spoke to Khaleej Times said that they hope there will be some respite before the schools reopen for holidays.

"Either they reopen the partially closed roads or finish maintenance work bit by bit" added Nair.

The residents also added that they will have to leave for work as early as 5am to reach their destination without being stuck in traffic.

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Sharjah King Faisal Street repairs leave motorists fuming

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