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SchooLinks Praises The Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter In Blog

(MENAFN Editorial)  endorses the Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter with Dual USB charging ports as a must have travel accessory for students.  

SchoolLinks wrote in SchoolLinks Talk that "Pac2Go makes what we think is an essential item for students traveling abroad which is a universal adapter. No matter where you plan to travel you can be rest assured that the  will allow you to power up any of your devices. The adapter will allow students to charge up to three devices at one time and it comes with a surge and spike protector as well. It even comes with a spare fuse just in case."

SchooLinks is an online platform out of Los Angeles that strives to link students universities schools and advisors with planning tools that help students apply for scholarships and universities in addition they help schools market and recruit students. Potential students are matched to tailor-made educational experiences that will meet their individual goals and aspirations.  

Others agree with SchooLinks travelers that have taken the universal travel adapter along in their bag have conveniently charged three devices at a time. Glen P explains "I travel to the UK quite a bit and the sub ports are a life saver for charging my Apple devices. No need for adapters and the U.S. plugs...just the cables and this brilliant tool." Buyers have found the highly rated adapter very handy and highly functional.  

Amazon reviewer RAB on April 6 2015 lists the pros he found when considering the Pac2Go Universal Travel Adapter for his daughter to use while traveling internationally this summer.  

1) One single compact device that serves as both a dual USB charger *AND* a plug adapter for 2-prong devices/outlets almost everywhere in the world including both 110-volt countries (North and Central America Caribbean Japan Taiwan etc.) and 220-volt countries (Europe Middle East most of Africa most of Asia. You can leave your USB charger at home and just take one of these and use it both at home and while traveling.  

2) All plugs retract or fold so they won't punch holes in your bag or get caught on things. It also comes with a little case that will protect it from dust etc. and also make sure it doesn't get caught on things.  

3) Unlike many travel chargers the USB charger *IS* strong enough to charge a high-current device like an iPad. (I tested this with an actual iPad.)  

4) The outlet accepts pretty much any type of plug except I think the "big" South Africa plug. If you buy a device when you are traveling you should be able to use this with both your home devices and your other devices.  

5) The plugs for different countries are NOT connected internally which is a safety feature (the issue mentioned above).  

6) A 6-amp fuse is included to protect both whatever device you plug into it and the built-in USB charger.  

7) An on-board spare fuse in case the fuse blows. (But don't just change the fuse and use it the same way again!) 

The Universal Travel Adapter with Dual USB Charging Ports by Pac2Go is on sale for $17.49 on Amazon now through July 31st using the coupon code P2GSUMMR. Shipping is free when two or more devices are purchased.

About Pac2Go

Pac2Go is a travel accessories company established in November 2014 by Roger and Leslie Brinkley long time travelers designed to make travel easier more efficient and more organized for those that want to travel smart with products like the . 

Roger Brinkley

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