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Garangao: Motorists urged to take extra care

(MENAFN - The Peninsula) The Ministry of Interior has asked motorists to take extra precautions to ensure safety on roads as Qatar is celebrating Garangao.

"The Qatari society celebrates the local fiesta of 'Garangao Night' on 15th Ramadan. Hence please be extra cautious while on roads and take safety measures to avoid traffic accidents. Remember, children will be walking around residential neighbourhoods to collect gifts," the ministry said in a statement yesterday.

"Do not rush to reach the Iftar place and it is preferred to start enough time before the Iftar time as the period before Iftar is considered the most vulnerable time for traffic accidents during Ramadan.

"Don't let children play on internal roads of residential areas, especially at night to ensure their safety from traffic accidents," it added. The ministry asked motorist to avoid parking vehicles in such a way that may obstruct traffic, especially during prayer timings like Taraweeh or night (Thahajjud) prayers or Iftar gatherings.

"Please avoid last day shopping for Eid and finish it early enough to avoid traffic jams and parking at no- parking areas because of huge rush," said the ministry.

Other tips to ensure safety at home and workplace include:

Don't leave children in the kitchen or nearby hot and burning materials or electrical power sources.

Don't put on flowing dresses or nylon-mixed wears in the kitchen to avoid catching fire.

Ensure a good fire extinguisher is available at your home.

When you smell gas odour, immediately open all doors and windows to reduce concentration of leaked gas.

Never use a burning matchstick near a gas cylinder to locate the place of leakage. Avoid switching on the exhaust fan for ventilation and don't switch on lights as they may serve as points of ignition to the highly inflammable gas. Begging is banned in Qatar and people seeing beggars were urged to report to Anti-Begging Section on 2347444/33618627.

Garangao: Motorists urged to take extra care


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