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Five Star Review For New Ebook On Transmutation Of Sexual Energy

(MENAFN Editorial) A  which has been published on Amazon addresses the differences between men and women when it comes to transmutation of sexual energy. The book has just received a  from a reader who posted the single word yes as the review.

The book is written by a French lady who first shares a romantic story of her experiences in the boardroom and then the bedroom. The book then questions the old teaching of transmuting sexual energy to manifest.

The author says about the book 'Many of the great classics such as Think and Grow Rich The Science of Getting Rich The Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth address the issue of the transmutation of sexual energy. Each carries invaluable gems. Each recommends the transmutation of sexual energy for optimal manifestation and success and suggest avoidance of sex so as to channel that energy into manifestation.The books suggest that sex and orgasm dissipate sexual energy'

However she adds that these books are written by middle aged men who are wonderful but who cannot speak for young women. The book argues that sex is very different for women.Women experience sex as a great opening to the universe and a time of receptivity. The book argues that women can better transmute sexual energy though highly charged acts of sex and not by avoidance of sex.

The latest five star review on Amazon suggests that at least one person agrees with this new approach to sexual transmutation for women.

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