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Arthritic Moms to Benefit from New Unisex Copper Fit Knee Sleeve

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May 17 2015 - Tby Sweden - Mothers with arthritis have been found to face special challenges based on the debilitating nature of the disease and changes in their bodies. In light of this G7-Solutions has designed their new copper fit knee sleeve to provide arthritic relief to both men and women.

The product is made from a combination of copper thread and spandex in the respective proportions of 88% and 12%. This combination is believed to help provide a high level of support for mothers who may experience pain in the knees as a result of excess weight caused by child bearing or lifting their children. Osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia are forms of arthritis that can affect joints and muscles all over the body but may be more severe in the area of the knees.

G7-Solutions’ compression copper fit knee sleeve has a number of features and benefits which has caused many shoppers to leave positive reviews on Amazon where it is sold exclusively. It is stretchy and flexible yet provides a snug fit to help promote blood flow. This is said to help accelerate recovery and helps to lessen the impact on the knee joint in stressful situations often faced by mothers who have to bear more weight than normal.

“I have knee problems a lot and being on my feet all day doesn't help. Since I got my knee sleeve my knee hasn't been sore. I can stand all day without it giving me problems! It gives great support. I highly recommend this product” said Desiree LaCoste a satisfied Amazon customer.

In addition to helping in the relief of arthritic conditions the unisex copper fit knee sleeves provide a number of other benefits. They are suitable for knee injuries helping to reduce pain and swelling and are said to boost performance while working out. They are also antibacterial and anti-odor making them suitable for everyday wear.

With Mother’s Day not far away the product is seen as a suitable gift for mothers of varying ages. The product has been discounted ahead of the iconic day and all purchases are backed by a money-back guarantee.

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