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Rapid Drug Detox - Affordable and Fast Help For Opiate Drug Addiction

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At our rapid drug detox center the health and well-being of our patients is our number one concern. With our practical exterior fully equipped state of the art interior and experienced physicians and staff we can provide a drug detox experience unlike any other. At MDS we are here for you during your entire stay as well as after you leave and for as long as you need us.

With the rise of prescription pill abuse comes a need for affordable and fast acting detoxification services. Michigan-based MDS Drug Detox now offers rapid OxyContin and detox services to those who may be struggling with an addiction to prescription medications.

OxyContin is a powerful opiate based medication that is used to treat chronic pain and patients with traumatic injuries. While the control for OxyContin has become more regulated over the past several years there are still thousands of people who are currently struggling with the lasting effects of addiction to this substance. Many of whom are unable to benefit from traditional drug detox treatment options.

MDS’s Rapid Detox program geared toward those who suffer from an OxyContin addiction is a fast and quick way to rapidly detox one’s body. Completed in as little as four days MDS’s proven services are completed in a private facility and by the care of trained medical staff. Due to the often painful side effects of withdrawal MDS will put the patient under anesthesia so that the patient is essentially unconscious during the withdrawal portion of the treatment. This helps eliminate the patient’s pain as much as possible and makes the recovery process a little easier.

The rapid OxyContin detox process is made more effective with what is known as Naltrexone therapy. This is done so that the patient never has to replace one addiction with another. Other treatment facilities offer programs that use other opiates to wean the patient off the OxyContin. At MDS Drug Detox Naltrexone an opiate-blocker is the “preferred method of controlling the addiction and withdrawal post-detox.” While detoxing will clear the body of the drug Naltrexone therapy will aid the patient in keeping it the drug way. The professionals at MDS strongly encouraged their patients to continue using Naltrexone therapy for at least six months to a year in order to support a drug free and addiction free lifestyle.

Mark a patient of MDS had this to say about his treatment “Having my clean and sober happy life back with one treatment is as they say: ‘priceless” MDs views all of their patients as thinking and feeling human beings. Each person is more than just his or her addiction and the staff physicians want to help anyone who suffers with addiction through the detox process. The personal care undertaken at MDS’ facility places the safety health and future success of our patients first and foremost.

If you are ready to overcome OxyContin addiction or know someone who needs assistance with their addiction dial 888.637.6868 to set up an appointment with an MDS staff member. Our Admissions Counselor Ann Mekani is ready to speak with you at any time explain to the procedures discuss treatment options and answer any questions you have about our rapid OxyContin detox techniques.

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MDS Drug Detox is owned and operated by Dr. Julia Aharonov board-certified Anesthesiologist and Dr. Joseph George board-certified in Addiction Medicine. Their mission is to provide 100% drug addiction recovery with rapid drug detox and free aftercare for people who are afflicted with opiate addiction.

Now you can finally enjoy a second chance free from drug addiction in their surgical facility with rapid drug detox under constant doctors’ care.

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Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication nutritional supplement or protocols.


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Rapid Drug Detox - Affordable and Fast Help For Opiate Drug Addiction

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