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CSH Strengthens Advocacy for Californias Vulnerable Families

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Los Angeles – Ensuring vulnerable families in Los Angeles County have greater access to
affordable rental housing with support services is a main goal of a two-year $125000 grant
awarded by the California Community Foundation to CSH.

CSH will use the California Community Foundation award to educate and energize local
organizations and advocates to obtain more resources for affordable housing especially
supportive housing.

“Stable affordable housing leads to better health economic progress financial security and
other positive outcomes for individuals resulting in more equitable healthy communities”
said Beth Stokes who heads the Western Region of CSH. “The gap between wages and
housing costs in Los Angeles and the dearth of affordable housing units has led to a housing
crisis and unacceptably high levels of homelessness. For the most vulnerable homeless and
at-risk individuals and families who face persistent barriers to housing stability we need
more supportive housing.”

Through supportive housing homeless families and individuals are able to access muchneeded
services because an affordable rental unit provides the anchor for stability in their
lives. Advocates agree the need for affordable and supportive housing far exceed existing
supplies in Los Angeles and the rest of California.

To maximize the call for more resources CSH will use a portion of the California
Community Foundation grant to lead efforts to secure $10 million in the State budget to
match county funding to increase the amount of affordable housing to end homelessness
among homeless child-welfare-involved families including supportive housing for families
with barriers to housing stability. If passed the funding could add the means to serve an
additional 400 to 700 vulnerable families statewide including those in Los Angeles.
CSH is actively involved in a federal demonstration project in California and four other
states examining the benefits of supportive housing for families involved with child welfare

In addition to directly advocating the creation of more supportive housing CSH will:

HOUSING. Since 2013 CSH has led the Housing for a Stronger LA Coalition which
is working to ensure an adequate supply of safe decent affordable housing that
promotes the health education sustainability and economic vitality of Los Angeles
City and County.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING RESOURCES. CSH’s Supportive Housing Community
Advocates (SHCA) pilot project launched in September 2013 is equipping formerly
homeless supportive housing tenants with the skills support and opportunities they
need to become effective storytellers with the power to change the housing
narrative. The project is developing tenant leadership within the affordable housing
industry as well as producing a group of capable advocates who can continue to
engage the public policymakers and key stakeholders around the need for supportive

Stokes also noted some of the monies from the California Community Foundation are being
leveraged by CSH to help design coordinated entry for homeless youth seeking housing and
services in Hollywood (Los Angeles).

“When a traumatized desperate and confused young person is homeless and in need of quick
help we do not want them facing piles of paperwork bureaucratic hurdles and delays or
service delivery systems that do not coordinate or talk to one another” said Stokes. “We
want them assessed quickly to match them with the appropriate housing and services and
then they should be given access to the entire spectrum of programs so that nothing is left
out and they get the attention that will house them heal them and keep them off the

The California Community Foundation (CCF) unites the power of philanthropy with
innovative strategies to create greater equity opportunity and prosperity in Los Angeles
County. It has served as a public charitable organization since 1915 empowering donors
to pursue their own personal passions and to collaborate with us in transforming Los
Angeles. CCF stewards nearly $1.4 billion in total assets and manages more than 1600
charitable foundations funds and legacies. Learn more at www.calfund.org.

CSH has led the supportive housing movement for over 20 years demonstrating its
potential to improve the lives of very vulnerable individuals and families. CSH has earned a
sterling reputation as a highly effective financially stable organization with strong
partnerships across government community organizations and foundations and financial
institutions. CSH is advancing innovative solutions that use housing as a platform for services
to improve lives maximize public resources and build healthy communities. CSH is
working to assure that housing solutions are accessible to more people in more places.

CSH Strengthens Advocacy for Californias Vulnerable Families

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