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DAESH Suspects 'Confess' To Plotting Against Kuwait

(MENAFN - Arab Times) The Criminal Court has adjourned to December 25 the State Security case 8/2014 filed against eight individuals who are accused of being members of DAESH, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The court adjourned the case in order for the arresting officer to attend the court on December 25 and present his testimony regarding the case.

The eight defendants in the case are Ali Al- Habaishi, Fahad Mohareb, Abdulaziz Al-Sahli, Majid Al-Enezi, Hamam Nasser, Nasser Mohareb, Abdulrahman Al-Enezi and Mohammad Al-Enezi. Meanwhile, detective officers in charge of the case have revealed that the investigations conducted by the Prosecution have exposed several shocking and horrifying details, which affirm that the danger of terrorism is not far from Kuwait.

They said, "In fact, the danger is quite close and it is just a matter of time before the concerned authority enacts strict laws pertaining to illegal arms collection and curbs the chaos that resulted from the collection of donations which will end up becoming a catastrophe if something is not done to curb it". The most terrifying fact that was revealed from the confessions of the suspects is that their objective is to topple the ruling regime in Kuwait and fight the authority in order to extend their control throughout the region.

Based on these confessions, the experts in this regard consider these revelations as sufficient proof about the fact that the members of the DAESH group in Kuwait were planning to make Kuwait their base from where they would launch their operations in other countries particularly the GCC countries. An officer from the State Security Department affirmed that the suspects Ali Al-Habaishi and Nasser Mohareb had travelled to Turkey on July 31, 2014.

Mohareb had used the passport of another citizen for the purpose, managing to escape undetected by the female employee of the passports inspection section at the Kuwait International Airport.

The two suspects then travelled to Ghazi Anta'ab which is located near the Turkey-Syria border. They then joined the Al-Tabaqa Camp from where they went to Al-Farouq Camp in Salah Al- Dein in Iraq where they received training on the use of Kalashnikovs, rocket-propelled grenades and hand grenades.

Al-Habaishi revealed that Abdulaziz Al-Sahli had introduced him to Fahad Mohareb who is one of the top leaders of DAESH in Kuwait. He resides in Al- Salmi area and possesses weapons and ammunition which he is skilled in using. After Al-Sahli was arrested, he revealed that he supports DAESH for ensuring that the major pillars of Kuwait are destroyed, adding that Fahad Mohareb had financed the Kuwaiti campaign launched in support of DAESH.

After the arrest of Fahad Mohareb in possession of weapons and ammunitions that belonged to him, he said the reason for not presenting his identification documents and that of his family was because he did not accept the current regime in Kuwait and was eager for the invasion of Kuwait by DAESH. He explained that the suspect Majid Al-Enezi was collecting money for supporting DAESH through the unlicensed campaign called 'Ansar Al-Sham' which was founded by him, Majid Al-Enezi, Abdulrahman Al-Enezi, Mohammad Al- Enezi and Hamam Nasser.

Mohareb revealed that the aim of the unofficial campaign was to collect donations from inside and outside Kuwait to finance DAESH weapons, purchases. In addition, it was indicated in the report issued by the General Department for Criminal Evidences regarding the seized weapons that the suspects Fahad Mohareb and Majid Al-Enezi were arrested in possession of two Kalashnikovs rifles and ammunition.

DAESH Suspects 'Confess' To Plotting Against Kuwait

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