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Zingnovatinos Unveils The HOBs Magnetic Earphone Holders on Kickstarter

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Denver CO – On Aug 21st Zingnovatinos launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest product The HOBs an earphone holder that helps keep earbuds from falling out when running jogging or working out. Made of magnetic clips and silicon padding ‘The HOBs’ helps keep iPhone and Samsung earbuds untangled and securely fastened to the wearer’s earlobe. 

“This project was born out of the frustration of running jogging or working out and having the earphones falling out. After creating and testing so many prototypes we finally found a set that works great and can be used for different purposes.” – Jorge Strohmeier Founder of Zingnovatinos.

After having created a final design for the product Zingnovatinos decided to turn to the Kickstarter community for the initial seed capital needed to finish the injection molding process fund the cost of the product’s silicone and thermoplastics components and purchase the neodymium magnets (N42) that secure the earbuds in place. The Kickstarter funds will also go towards assembly of ‘The HOBs.’

“I want the HOBs to be a helpful tool that will help you bring your favorite music or audio books to the mats track field or your morning run whether you are training for a marathon or just mowing the lawn.” – Jorge Strohmeier Founder of Zingnovatinos.

Ideal for bikers gym enthusiasts and regular exercises the HOBs Kickstarter project will allow early adopters to pledge funds that will see the project through to completion. In exchange backers will receive a variety of ‘perks’ or ‘rewards’ including a special ‘HOBs supporter’ sticker a preorder of the HOBs itself which will come in different colors or a sleeveless hoodie with the HOBs logo to show the backer’s support. 

“HOBs is the best solution to keep your iPhone and Samsung earphones on your ears which is ideal for the super active user. Run a marathon enjoy your bike ride or have that great workout at the gym while listening to pump up music. Your HOBs will keep your earphones on!” – Jorge Strohmeier Founder of Zingnovatinos.

The project will be live on Kickstarter until Sep 20th during which time early adopters can preorder HOBs and show their support. For more information visit the Kickstarter here or contact the creator below.

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Zingnovatinos Unveils The HOBs Magnetic Earphone Holders on Kickstarter


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