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Date       Country    Economic Indicators   Consensus   Actual / Prior 
  September, 19    United States    Existing Home Sales     5.39M    
     European Union    Current Account     20.3B    
     United States    Current Account     -127B    
     United States    CB Leading Index m/m     0.1%    
     United States    Natural Gas Storage     75B    
     United States    Unemployment Claims     210K    
     United States    Philly Fed Manufacturing Index     10.9    
     Japan    BOJ Policy Rate     -0.10%    
     Austria    Unemployment Rate     5.2%    
     Switzerland    Trade Balance     3.22B    
     Japan    All Industries Activity m/m     0.4%    
     Austria    Employment Change     15.2K    
     New Zealand    GDP q/q     0.4%    
     United Kingdom    Official Bank Rate     0.75%    
     United Kingdom    Retail Sales m/m     -0.2%    
     United Kingdom    MPC Official Bank Rate Votes     0-0-9    
     United Kingdom    Asset Purchase Facility     435B    
     United Kingdom    MPC Asset Purchase Facility Votes     0-0-9    
  September, 18    United States    Federal Funds Rate     <2.00%    
     Canada    Common CPI y/y     1.9%    
     United Kingdom    HPI y/y     0.8%    
     United Kingdom    CPI y/y     1.8%    
     European Union    RPI y/y     2.5%    
     Canada    CPI m/m     -0.2%    
     United Kingdom    PPI Input m/m     -0.4%    
     United Kingdom    Core CPI y/y     1.8%    
     United Kingdom    PPI Output m/m     0.1%    
     European Union    Final CPI y/y     1.0%    
     United States    Housing Starts     1.25M    
     European Union    Italian Trade Balance     4.80B    
     European Union    Final Core CPI y/y     0.9%    
     Canada    Trimmed CPI y/y     2.1%    
     Canada    Median CPI y/y     2.1%    
     New Zealand    Current Account     -1.10B     -1.11B
     United States    Building Permits     1.31M    
  September, 17    United States    NAHB Housing Market Index     66     68
     Canada    Manufacturing Sales m/m     -0.3%     -1.3%
     United States    TIC Long-Term Purchases     81.3B     84.3B
     European Union    ZEW Economic Sentiment     -37.4     -22.4
     European Union    German ZEW Economic Sentiment     -38.0     -22.5
     United States    Capacity Utilization Rate     77.6%     77.9%
     Austria    HPI q/q     -1.0%     -0.7%
     United States    Industrial Production m/m     0.2%     0.6%
  September, 16    China    Industrial Production y/y     5.2%     4.4%
     China    Retail Sales y/y     7.9%     7.5%
     China    Fixed Asset Investment ytd/y     5.7%     5.7%
     United States    Empire State Manufacturing Index     4.1     2.0
  September, 13    United States    Prelim UoM Inflation Expectations     0.3%     0.4%
     United States    Import Prices m/m     -0.5%     -0.5%
     United States    Prelim UoM Consumer Sentiment     90.4     92.0
Calendar Keys:
Consensus: represents the market consensus estimate for each indicator.
Actual/Prior: refers to the figures as they are released. After a figure is released, Prior represents the last actual for each indicator.

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