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Jordan- The MadhouseBy Fahed Khitan

(MENAFN- Alghad Newspaper)

A lot has happened in these last few days. So much that it is has left so many people wondering whether the prime minister of one supposedly sovereign state could be placed under house arrest in another state!

As preposterous as it may sound, it is actually a valid question in the current whirlpool of unexpected turnouts.

There are news circling about a prime minister of one Arab state who's not allowed to return to his own country!

What kind of premier is one that has no access to his country's own presidential palace in the second capital after the first fell under siege by militias?

The parody of it is laughable; these unfoldings are as sudden as they are insensible, to say the least.

After Saad Hariri's surprise resignation from Riyadh, and all the cynicism it brought, many are wondering what is in store for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as he embarks on yet another unexpected visit to Saudi!

The Arab World is spiralling pointlessly into chaos.

States divided, as domestic rivals fight over breadcrumbs. Pirates ruling at least parts of their nations. Half-dead elders clutching on to their reign from the edges of their tombs.

Yesterday, the president of one country conceded, thankfully, some of his authorities to his prime minister, all for the sake a few scattered projects unworthy of the trouble even!

Four countries share the sovereignty of another Arab state, ruled by a thousand militias!

What remains of the Lebanese state with their prime minister gone, save for the lot of secluded departments run by domestic sectarian rivals!

A vast desert to the west, on the verge of exploding into endless war between two Arab nations. All the summits of the Arab World, through the 70 years past or more, have failed to put it to rest!

For decades now, we have seen how regimes have meddled tirelessly in the fates of our nations. The tides are turning with the dawn of every new day.

We have even seen sons turning against their own fathers!

Foolishly maybe, we thought after a brief period of peace that the nation state has sunk its roots in the Arab World, regardless of the authoritarian regimes in power, oppressing nations in their entireties in the name of the people!

Alas, we stand now disillusioned by the unfolding realities of the decade.

Our nations have not changed.

In fact, Arab states are still running on coups. Even revolutions were turned into military coups! Revolutions turning against their own and rebels became 7-star hotel regulars!

During a brief visit to one of the Gulf countries, I met ten leaders of the supposed Syrian revolution. They now have their own private jet.

They travel the world, from one luxurious hotel to another, while their people suffer death and war!

Who would have thought that the great revolution, once driven by the aspiration of a single reconciled state, would end up with two states even before driving out their occupiers? A state in Ramallah and another in Gaza!

Yemen too is about to crumble into six divided states, experts say, run by terrorists, militias and regional rivals.

How many countries comprise the Arab World; 22?

Most of the Arab states are divided upon themselves, with countless sub-states and territories within them.

The only thing we know for sure at this point is that four people are in control; a sultan, a czar, a supreme leader and a realtor!

Still, some are wondering where Jordan stands in the midst of all this?!

A prominent politician once said: the Middle East is a madhouse and Jordan is the doctor.

What can Jordan do today in the face of this madness?!

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.


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