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Autobiography earns National recognition


BRISBANE, Australia -- Author Jack Kregas' fun-filled autobiography, 'It's All About Me and a few others' finished as a finalist for the 2017 McGrath House Indie Book Awards in the non-fiction category.
The book is a brash and honest view of Kregas' life. He made a deliberate decision to really live his life to its fullest. The author pursued tenacious adventures, lived a free spirit lifestyle and had an addiction for skiing. At the same time, he maintained the ability to create several very successful businesses.

The book reads like fiction until the reader realizes it's true. It is a book about a life many would like to live, but most will only read about.

'I am surprised to be a finalist. It is a book of humble beginnings to adventures with the jet set. People like the truth, so they liked the book,' Kregas commented on the book's nomination for book of the year. 'I was told it was too explicit and women would hate it. Some said that I would be sued. In the 40 photos in the book almost every reader will see someone they recognize. Readers love it. A few dislike it, but all wish they could have been part of some of the adventures.'

Five books were nominated in the non-fiction category. The competition included selection by a panel of judges and final voting by the public. Winners were announced Nov. 1.

Kregas recalls that he started writing the book in 2015 as an autobiography in notes he had intended to send to his aging aunt about his life.

The author explains, 'She informed me, 'I do not want you to send them and I will not read them.' A bit discouraged, I decided to make the notes into an autobiography. Of course I put my photo on the cover and all the true adventures inside.'
From early in his life, Jack stretched the boundaries, broke the boundaries and for all practical purposes, ignored the boundaries. The result was a life lived to the fullest

In the self-published book, Jack chronicles his life's journey from a stint in the U.S. Army to his travels to St. Moritz, on to Verbier in the Swiss Alps to Altolls of French Polynesia, to Hawaii and finally to Australia, where he now resides.

'The writing style is, as you will see, loose. It fits the way I think and helped me to better recall the situations,' Kregas wrote in the book's foreword.

Kregas sums up his adventure time late in the book when he wrote, 'For 28 years I had beaten the 'wheel' by being responsible for me and me alone. That made some unhappy. I never set out to make anyone unhappy and tried to treat everyone correctly. I was always up front, even if some may not have believed me. I started with nothing, so decisions are easy when you have nothing to lose.'
In the years since the book was published, it has continued to sell in more than 10 countries with at least 50 five-star reviews on Amazon.

One of the readers, Carson Levit, wrote, 'This book was the single most entertaining book I have ever read. It seemed like fiction because the stories were so outrageous, but I believe them to be true and reading about them was to live them vicariously. This book combines the adventures of Walter Mitty with James Bond and the life and times of Mr. Kregas is more entertaining than anybody I have ever read about. I think readers will really like it.'

Another reader, Mark Fine, wrote a review and stated, 'As I read Jack's story, I found myself envying his devil-may-care flair, because, as I reflect back on my own life, I now realize I played it far too safe. Jack epitomizes Mr. Sinatra's "and I did it my way" sensibility. Despite the delicious salacious nature of some scenes, Jack's robust "selfism" may be instructive to this modern generation who are equally self-indulgent but totally lack his worldly style. I find that liberating, especially in these politically correct and litigious times.'

His companion autobiography book, 'It's Not Only About Me' that followed his first book, is about his transition from a 'go for it' attitude to suddenly having responsibilities. It is not an easy change over, but one that most can relate to. One soon understands sex, drugs, and rock and roll is far more exciting than life with restrictions.

Years in Europe chasing the ultimate adrenaline rush in deep snow or pursuing women with equal fervor were history. Real life was bearing down from all directions. Failure, something never experienced before was ego crushing. Being a single parent at an age far older than most have to cope with, brought about responsibility and rules. Working became of necessity, instead of fun.

In a new country, challenges were everywhere. Many might have given up, but Jack pushed ahead using skills learned from his past to achieve limited success as he moved from one business opportunity to another. This book is also a fast-paced read with plenty of adventure.
Both books are available at Amazon and other book retailers in paperback and Kindle format.
His other published books include: 'Choice Cruise Lines', 'Mystical Glasses', 'Innocent Retribution', 'Contested Ransom' and 'Tall Tales'.

About the author

Jack Kregas was born in the New England area of the northeast United States and grew up in Manchester, VT. Following a stint in the U.S. Army, he was discharged in Europe and the next 40 years were spent skiing and living life to the max, as well as creating several successful businesses.
After he spent his winters in the Alps and summers windsurfing on Maui, Jack departed Switzerland for Maui full time with his wife and small daughter. The family later moved to his wife's homeland in Australia.

The author, now an Australian citizen, lives in Brisbane where he plays golf and tournament poker.
Kregas is available for media interviews and can be reached by email at: .
Other contacts include: website:; Amazon:; Facebook:; Twitter: JackKregas


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