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Testin, 1 Stop TaaS is Jumping over China Innovation Ventures

(MENAFNEditorial) SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile Internet experienced an explosive growth after 2011 with the emergence of 3G networks and the popularization of smart phones. Not only have Internet companies devoted resources to mobile Internet and developed various Apps, but traditional enterprises including banking,finance,insurance,commerce,transport,health,medical,education,service,orevenorganizations and governmenthave also focused on promoting mobile Internet.

The emergence of many "gold seekers" will inevitably attract "water sellers". Testing is a necessity in the development of Apps to provide quality assurance before being released to the consumers to stay happy, engaged, and provide valuable feedback on improvements for the product in the future.

However, with so many tests, it consumes both time and manpower if it is done by each company's internal staff and therefore the assistance of third parties is needed. Testin is a third-party service provider with a one-stop test service platformthat helps tosimplify quality assurance in this era of opportunity.

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1 Stop TaaS

Testin is a China founded Testing as aService (TaaS) company.Initially, Testin only provided test services of Apps during the development phase which included compatibility and regression tests on real mobile devices likePerfecto Mobile. As applications have become more complicated and with demand for faster updates, clients have found more problems related to version iterations and daily operations. Due to this demand, Testin has developed new products in these categories step by step.

After five years of hard work, Testin now offers services covering all steps, including App development, launch, management and analysis. This has truly become a one-stop test service provider suited for the mobile application life cycle.Testin iscapable of integrating enterprise application testing solutions like Tricentis andA/B, anditeration testingslike Optimizely,continuing infiltration and hacking scenario of machine learning forsecurity tests like Cylance and SafeBreach.

In terms of market positioning, Testin in its early stage only provided test tools which showed test results to clients; now Testin has shifted towards an App quality assurance consulting oriented model. In addition to reporting test results to clients, the company also provides insights on their product within the industry.

Developing Crowdsourcing Across China and US

Testing is an arduous work. More services call for more staff, because only people can really understand the differences of user experiences, while machine can only be a supplement to provide quantitative data and analysis results.

Testin's clients grew rapidly in the last two years, which made it harder for Testin employees to meet their needs. Since technology startups should focus on developing new products rather than just serving existing users, Testin decided to utilize a crowdsourcing model to outsource data collection at the primary stage, with Testin employees responsible for compiling, analyzing, and giving reasonable recommendations. Therefore, this allows Testin to scale while maintaining quality for their clients.

This service model is somehow similar to Applause and UserTesting. Testin will regularly publish test tasks and users on the crowdsourcing platform can compete for orders and receive remuneration after completing the task. The difference is that these tasks are only a small part of the entire project at the primary stage. Crowdsourcing allows Testing to gather a large quantity of testers to input data to Bugout (Testin's bug management system). Afterwards, the delivery team of Testin is responsible for integrating, compiling, and analyzing data in Bugout to generate reports for clients.

At present, the crowdsourcing platform has accumulated 150,000 testers which are divided into more than 50 categories with different Apps. Each category has several groups ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 testers in each group.

From Idea to Enterprise

Like many B2B startups, Testin initially only offered test services to developers. In recent years, with the popularization of "Internet +", an increasing number of traditional enterprises began to transfer part of their business online and the demand for testing within these industries is also growing. Under this backdrop, Testin has expanded to traditional enterprise clients including financial institutions, e-commerce, media, varycategoriesof traditionalenterprises and SMEs.

While traditional companies do outsource their development, these developers typically spend minimal amount of time testing. As this is Testin's specialty and strength, Testin is able to become a useful tool for traditional enterprises.

Since enterprise clients have higher requirements for security, Testin began to provide private cloud services and relevant training consulting. But it mainly focused on providing standardized API interface rather than helping enterprises to develop Apps tailored to their needs.

Testin began commercialization in 2015, with paid clients growing very quickly. As of the end of 2016, Testin has more than 800,000 users, among which 400,000 are enterprise clients and over thousands paid clients. In most recent funding, TestinvaluationhassurpassedUS$700 million.

In terms of business model, Testin uses a freemium model. Clients can choose to pay by month or by year, depending on client needs.

Testin's free model offers some automated test tools including beta testing and compatibility testing which uses little human effort. Testin's premium solutions offer better services such as more phones and customized scripts for our compatibility testing, among many others.

Core Strengths: Technology Accumulation and Data Accumulation

There are sufficient companies globally offering test services and performance management such as Perfecto Mobile, Tricentis, Applause, New Relic,and Optimizely, and security services such as SafeBreach andCylance. However, all of these companies only focus on certain areas instead of covering the whole process.

Therefore, one-stop test service providers like Testin are very rare and Testin has two distinct advantages:

Technology Accumulation

Providing one-stop test services allows Testin to have access to a wide range of clients.

For examples, A/B testing can tell that companies are losing users, but does not explain why and how; traditional security testing that obtains temporary safety validation through infiltration or hacking cannot implement continuing insecurity scenario of data mining and machine learning. All other existing problems can only be found with the help of other tests.

This is why clients want to get an end-to-end service to solve all problems in the test rather than using multiple tools to find solutions.

Data Accumulation

Testin has tested more than 2.5 million applications and run more than 150 million tests over the course of five years. Testin thus has accumulated a large quantity of data in the process, giving it a considerable advantage over competitors.

This data brings Testin two benefits: outputting data directly and model training.

On one hand, the data helps enterprise clients to conduct horizontal comparisons to understand the market, industry standards, and market positions. This helps Testin provide consulting services to enterprise clients after integrating data from several other enterprises in the industry.

On the other hand, the data can help Testin train its own machine learning models and improve test efficiency by integrating artificial intelligence technology to the test process. Having accumulated more than five years of experience, Testin has developed its machine learning models which are able to do some basic tests such as inputting user name and password, refreshing pages and displaying test results. This simplifies the testing process and eliminates human error.

From App Testing to More

With the growth of mobile Internet users slowing down, people and companies are looking towards the next big thing. Although traditional enterprises are ready to embrace mobile Internet and increase investment in mobile applications, the growth of mobile Internet will gradually slow down and so will the App test market. The next growth point will be the Internet of Things (IoT).

Testin has expanded from native Apps to mobile pages, H5, public accounts and mini programs. Recently, Testin has further extended to wearable devices, AR/VR, smart home, smart cars and IoT. Testin is working closely with the auto business unit of Letv to help it test various applications. Therefore, cloud testing represented by Testin not only focuses on mobile applications, but also has expanded to all sectors related to integrated technology.

For Testin, this trend helps increase the proportion of customer services offered to traditional enterprises while also being actively involved in expanding R & D for the Internet of Things such as smart cars to find new potential markets and additional usage of products.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence and IoT will usher in greater market opportunities for App test market in which explosive growth is around the corner. As a pioneer in the sector, Testin has established a solid foundation and is bound to take the largest market share when the time is mature.

Find more about Testin

Testin is a testing service based company which specializes in mobile app QA testing. After testing of 2+ million apps, iteration tests 170 million times, in 6 years' time, Testin has grown from an idea to a leader in the Mobile APP Quality Assurance industry. Testin has secured US$84.9 million in 3 Rounds from IDG, Banyan, Haiyin, and CEL, and it succeeded not only in capturing the domestic market of China, but also in setting its foot into the global arena. Testin has been recognized as 2014 and 2015 Zero2IPO v50 China, 2014 Red Herring 100 Asia Finalist and 2015 Red Herring 100 Global Finalist, 2015 and 2016 Deloitte High-Tech & Growth Top 50 China. By addressing mobile and OS fragmentations, app's compatibility, functionality, user experience, performance, security and analytics, Testin has helped thousands of developers (including McDonald's, Nestle, Starbucks, Daimler, Philips andKabam). It's Testin's pleasure to assist companies building up confidence in apps, and ensuring agreat experience for their users.

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