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Top 10 Finance Books

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Digesting a can potentially lead to new insights and in turn help you run your business in a better manner. However, if so many different books out there how can you know which one to read. After all, as a business person you're probably busy and need to pick the book to read wisely. With that thought in mind, here are some of the best finance books that you can read to help run your business.

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  • This book written by Stephen Covey has international recognition and can give you a blueprint in how to approach the running of your business and your life. A balance needs to be struck not only in the professional arena, but also the personal one. Therefore, this #1 rated read on our list of best finance books touches on both elements to give you a formula and structure on what needs to be done.

  • Another intentionally recognized book for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. Written by Robert Kiyosaki this one is broken up into 3 categories which are savings, investing and tithing. This book is ideal for small business owners and it will help them put money away for big purchases down the line that they never thought were possible.

    This book can also help you manage money in your personal life and give you insights that you never had before – it's a must read.

  • Have you ever felt that your voice in your own business is not powerful enough? Well this book by Sandy Linver can help you speak in any business situation with purpose so that you manage to get the desired results.

    In a business you'll need to conduct meetings, interviews and get new clients. Having the skills to speak in a way that motivates persuades is essential to being an effective business owner. This book can help you learn these skills and potential give you a voice that you never knew you had.

  • Written by Gary Vaynerchuck this particular book teaches you how to use the passions that you have and turn it into a successful business opportunity. We all have passions, but so often end up setting up a business that we have little understanding about, yet believe to be a cash cow.

    The reality is that you'll need to pour in a lot of work regardless of what business you're in, so choosing one that you passionate about is going to tilt the odds of success in your favour.

  • Written by Chris Ducker this book is about outsourcing and delegating, which is one of the most important skills that you can have as a business owner. The worst thing that you can do is aim to get all tasks completed yourself. You'll become the bottleneck in your own business because there is only so much one person can do.

    This book will enlighten you on the advantages of delegating in a business and show you the ropes on how to do it effectively.

  • Written by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles this book is about turning your customer base into raving fans that support your brand. It has plenty of actionable chapters that can be used from day 1 of your business.

    In this book you'll learn to turn low customer expectations into over-delivering so that they can be more than happy with the products you're delivering.

  • Written by David Ramsey who has already published a number of well-received books on finance brings you a book about staying out of debt and increasing your personal cash flow. Furthermore, you can invest that money in a more practical manner that gets results consistently. It teaches you how to change your attitude towards money so that better results are achieved.

  • Written by Thomas J. Stanely and William D. Danko this book is composed of 7 simple rules that can help you get massive amounts of wealth on the average salary. You'll see that there is a pattern to the madness that is revealed in this book in a simple to follow manner.

    The great thing about this book is that advice is backed up by data and interviews to give you confidence in what is shared.

  • Written by Eric Tyson this book is for those of you that have a knack for running your business, but have no idea regarding the finances. It's a part of the business that you must master and this book is a good introduction into the basic principles. It won't be that useful for those that have already read a lot of material on this subject matter.

  • Written by Vicki Robin this book is about the psychology of money and it's perfect for a business owner of any level - new and veteran alike. It goes over things like why you spend money and how to achieve financial independence. It teaches about why spending money can be bad and how to do it so that you can do it for the right reasons.


    The list of the best finance books above is a great starting point for any business owners that is interested in improving their money management skills. Read a few of the best finance books or for maximum insight or all of the best finance books as they each bring something new to the table.

    Furthermore, don't be shy about doing your own research and come up with something that can potentially give you the insight needed to take your business to the next level.


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